We have some new energies in our world now! This is a piece of about 20 pieces that will be integrated over the next few months. What is happening is that we will be receiving extreme upgrades in order to keep us in prime position. But these are DRAMATIC, and it will be where you are stubborn or fixated or firm as all get out in regard to certain aspects of your life or ideas on how things need to be. Think Greta Thunberg. She is a perfect model of what we all need to be in regard to bringing the URGENT changes to Earth. We are currently ON the tipping point and therefore we only have a few weeks to make HUGE changes as for the health of this planet. THEREFORE, we are being radically upgraded so that we can be the leaders who were born to change the old world ideas on social justice and how our Earth needs to be treated.

SO. Expect to feel like a mule who WILL NOT GO into certain areas that you USED to think of as the thing to do. This is burn out energy and where we may have been okay with something in our past, but now it is needs to be transformed, let go of or in some way shifted into something that feels good. The past few weeks were about tuning your body to REALLY HEARING what is going on beneath the surface of things.

Our bodies are always speaking but we were conned to focus only on our minds where we can be 100% influenced. We were programmed to see emotion as weakness and tears as something embarrassing – but those things are the guides to our dreams! Our mind keeps us on the treadmill of corporate mentality where amassing more money than we need is always the main goal. Our mind convinces us that taking jobs for money is more important than taking jobs that make a difference for others behind us on the totem pole. But that is ALL BREAKING APART. What really matters is the difference you make and not the superficial things you can buy that give you glimmers of joy.

This energy is very much like the midlife crisis, which I actually am in and understand so well now!! But when we reach 50, after waking to our power at 40/41 (when the Black Moon activates in our chart) – we suddenly have the strongest opinion on things, and if ANYTHING doesn’t feel good, we are claustrophobic with it. This is why so many people get divorced at this time because at 50 all you want to do is start living again FROM this wise perspective that could only be achieved from walking all the decades of life. You can't be the confident 50 year old when you are 30 and are still trying to figure out WHO you even are. But all of us, because of the energies coming to the planet, are going to feel like a 50 year old who knows they only have years to live and NOW all they want to do is make the most of the time they have. So expect to be DONE with certain ways that you have been giving of your time and energy and to see that you need to be valued more. We get to this position from life walked, but fortunately there is a Bart railway picking us up and taking us quickly to the next destinations in life BECAUSE we all are going too slow with the process.

We are NOT where we need to be so therefore expect big pushes getting you to see what needs to change about your own choices. You have been hearing this in my writings lately because for me I am SO DONE with all the ways I am communicating. I just want space. I just want quiet. I just want MY LIFE to deal with and not so many things reaching for me. I don’t want my head filled with emails and answering questions and things that deflate my energy for the rest of the day. It has gotten so bad that I can't even be with friends in the physical because I am so exhausted and constantly in recovery. It feels like trauma opening emails and connecting with full on energy with things that can just freely access me! Now I am like, talk to my manager, please. I don’t want anyone being able to reach me unless they go through someone else processing the energy and then only giving me what I need to see and hear. FORTUNATELY, I am in the process of onboarding an authority who I LOVE and who has been following my work for years and she will be taking over all the business aspects so that I can breathe again. She is in the middle of a move, so we are slowly coming together, but it has been having her in sight that got me to finally let go of the reins and just feel how hard I have been working doing all the jobs and losing my life because of it.

SO!! Expect this same vibration in your own life where you are DONE with something that you took on in your past that you said yes to but that now feels like a hell no. We change when it's time to go next level and things get tight AF when we need to see that this here is NOT ENOUGH. It is just like birthing the baby. So be kind with yourself and others as we go ballistic in wanting something better. This strong emotion is there because this is something that we cannot compromise on. So roar your way out of the old world and stay pressed to the new that will arrive when you see that you deserve TO FEEL better.




MOON DEGREES: 8 to 20 Libra (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  9 



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.