THURSDAY 9 February

Now this day feels totally different from yesterday. So notice that it feels like the waves are finally pulling back and revealing again the plans you were hoping would come true in your future. Something about this energy is testing us to keep with things even when other forces come our way and knock us off our foundations. We are being tested to see if we will NOT give up and if we actually grow stronger from the challenges.

The WHOLE POINT is to make you comfortable in seeing that there is a bigger plan to our lives that deals with us not only chasing ease and thinking we only want the quickest routes up the mountain. The rough patches groom us for evolved states, while the easy ones keep us complacent and not really prepared for the INEVITABLE flows of life. Muscles that are not worked go weak and lose their power. So you need to see that all your straining is FOR THE GOOD and it is never to be seen as a negative.

All challenges are there to position you into something greater in the future. It is time for us to make this connection and stop shaming and blaming our lives because they are not what some people seem to live. What you see is OFTEN not the reality of what is really going on underneath. BUT – when you go with the flow of challenges in life, seeing that they ARE a part of life, then there is more clarity around what is hidden and what is showing, and less illusion getting you to ONLY chase what feels like the easiest way. The more we REALLY KNOW, from dipping our toes into the trenches in life, the less we run from what needs us stepping up and showing what we got. Your muscles only show from walking the pressure that gets them to grow.

There are going to be many sides to what you are dealing with today and you are to just see them for what they are without getting worked up thinking you are at the end of the story. There is WAY more that will be unfolding, and this moment just needs you holding the surrendering and peaceful vibes as you work your way through what seems to be not going as planned. Trust that there is something here that just needs you seeing it all before making a decision. But know that any decisions come when they are really what you need to be doing. Any waffling just means you don’t have enough information yet. Be with the views of all that this could mean and just wait for the raffle number to fall into its position. Wait with love in your heart and know you NEED THIS no matter how it hits you. If you get pushed to the back of the line, it will be for the win in the long run. DON’T doubt your destiny and how the chips may fall. There is art to this and you may need to be with it in contemplation – but it is NOT bad news.




MOON DEGREES: 29 Virgo to 10 Libra (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:   1  8  9  



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.