THURSDAY 5 January

Good morning sweet love!!! We are about to move into a Full Moon in Cancer tomorrow, and everyone is deep in the strong feelings where we are thinking about protecting ourselves or needing more support from what is showing up as NOT good enough in our lives anymore. As we grow and become solid humans who speak with strong boundaries, we see that we don’t have to say yes to everything and that just because we chose for something in our past doesn’t mean we have to keep going for the same thing.

We all are at a crossroads in seeing how much we have learned from 2022 and how 2023 is giving us new steam to write the stories over and to go for what we haven’t seen before. We are NOT about repeating, and the feelings coming up in you are guiding you to make a drastic change where you cut some cord or stand up for yourself in some way that you have never done before.

Do know that we are in a strange time because we have a large section of people who have suddenly upgraded to something glorious in their lives, and in doing so, it is being shown to me like someone jumping in a pool and that move creating these waves that splash and affect others. So on one hand, you will hear of amazing things happening to people, but then you will also hear of absolutely shocking and devastating things happening to others.

We HAVE TO TRUST THIS. Something about the moves of the people who are making the big shifts needed to happen in order to dislodge others from what was NOT working. We all are creatures of habit, and even though we want better lives, not many of us really want to work towards creating them; we just want it to happen; we just want to be out of the pain of what we are in. Therefore we need collective uprootings, like pulling the carrot out of the ground and leaving the soil in loosened clumps, dislodged from its tight beginnings.

There also will be MANY DEATHS over the last week of December and through all of January. This is another multi-faceted aspect where people are crossing over in order to give the Gift to our planet and the peoples when we die, but it also is a part of that wave that is like a tsunami that is pulling everyone in SO THAT we all can see life from a new perspective. Face it, most people think money is the most important thing and they will kill for it. They will lower themselves in order to defend or fight for money. And that is the problem. Where we are now is FACING that we may have been heading towards South and it’s time for us to find our True North. This means shocks, stumbles, collapsing, and super big unknowns, BUT, it all is for the purpose of pulling out the carrots and starting over with a new foundation, new seeds, new dreams, new goals, and a fresh slate to create what REALLY feels like it will support you.

So trust this moment and know that we ALL will be pulled to higher grounds, through hell or high water. And for some wild reason, the Great Mystery wants us in DISCOMFORT as we find our bliss. The more pain you feel, the closer you are getting to what WILL make you happy. So be here now and just breathe through it. This is NOT the end of you; it is the end of a chapter where you are learning something important about what you NOW know you DO need in your life.




MOON DEGREES: 26 Gemini to 7 Cancer (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:  1  3  4 



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.