THURSDAY 23 February

Now. Keeping it real. We all know that Pluto days can be pretty intense. But this one is working in a different way where it is coming in as POWER to help seal the deal on changes you are making where you are choosing for a new way to express BASED ON the learning of the old patterns that have been your mainstay way. We all have been tested at this crossroads where we could go low, as in how we have been doing it in our past and based on our wounds and where we have been left empty before – OR – we could go high and go to places we TALK about going but now are being tested to actually walk.

This energy has been confusing many of you because you thought things were going in this one direction and then the waters got choppy. It was what we talked about yesterday and it really was just the digesting of disfunction that does not need to be swept under the rug. Rather, it has needed you facing how things make you feel and being honest with that.

I met this woman the other week and it was such an instant connection where we both knew we would be best friends. And it really got me thinking how we DO connect in special ways with certain people, and we DON’T with others. It doesn’t mean anything positive or negative; it just shows that we naturally get on with some people and can be fluid in how we express with them. And with others, we don’t feel so natural and are striving to come up with conversations.

There is a flow that you are to go towards in life and it honors you and sees you and feels good in your body. We don’t have to work to make things work that aren’t working – and that is what we are learning in this energy. There is a match to all our needs and when we value ourselves, we align with things that feel good in our body. Speaking up and being clear on our feelings is the gateway to us moving into these new sets of patterns that begin today.

Be aware that you should be thinking of new goals or activities that will help you feel better in your body. This most likely deals with food, exercise or work patterns. If something is on your mind as a new regimen that you know will help you feel better, plan to start over the next 2 weeks. Do your research and find the programs that feel like they fit. We are in a great space to map out future moves and you will notice that you are talking like you are GOING to do it this time. We have a new steam, from moving through the challenges of late, that are to fuel us really growing new habits that are not addictions enabling us to keep up with the old world game, but rather empowering us to show up with integrity and be our upgraded versions. So if you are thinking of something that helps you TRULY feel secure with your place in the world, sign up over the next 2 weeks! Something discipline based is to grow you something fantastic by MAY, if not APRIL. We are SO CLOSE to a new feeling and seeing that our dedication will pay off – so be excited for where you are going because YOU ARE GOING PLACES.



MOON DEGREES: 15 to 28 Aries (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  4  5 



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.