THURSDAY 22 December

Okay loves! You may have had a pretty rough sleep last night because we had all these energy updates going on in our dreamtime! If you flipped and flopped and feel a bit off today, you got some serious psychic surgery done and you may feel a bit rough as the day begins. Tomorrow you will feel like a rock star, so take it easy today!

We just went through a MASSIVE reboot session where things were taken out of our system so that we can have clarity around what we really need to do. I was in this situation where I was being forced to change, but it was so murky on what and where this would move me to be. I had NO CLUE, and the more I talked about it with others, the more confused I got. Not because of their opinions on it all, but because it kept having me talk about having no idea what to do. Talking about it was reinforcing that something was wrong, even though in my body, I KNEW it would work out and I would be able to see what needed to be done. But I also knew, I would need to keep taking steps forward before the answers could arrive. I needed to blindly trust with one foot in the future and one foot in my current moment surrendering to what was obviously working for my higher good. 

And when the clarity came, it hit me like a load of bricks, because it was NOT what I was hoping for, but the more I accepted, the more I have fallen in LOVE with where I am being taken. I was resistant AF and really got signs that this would be happening back in early 2022. When I finally arrived at a perfect moment in time, I saw that this is a blessing and now I am wanting to run head on into the new life this will be creating for me. But, man, it took months for me to wake up. 

So don’t be surprised if you too are seeing what you NEED TO SEE even though it was not on your trajectory! We are OFTEN being pulled out of our comfort zones in order to discover what will be our bliss. Life is not just ease and where you are in control of it all! The Great Mystery co-creates WITH YOU – and if you think you can control it all and only manifest what feels like the best, you are destined in your future to slam into a wall that wants you letting go of your ego and trusting your higher plan that deals with past life times and certain lessons you are to learn in this one.

We are always to wish for the best, but we need to surrender and allow this other plan to be what it needs to be in order to groom us for excellency. We need to get to the top of our mountain with actual tools learned from walking the journey. If we try to skip to the front, we don’t pack the punch that others will pack who truly know the experiences they will be talking about. I could NEVER be a coach in helping you raise your children because I haven’t raised any children and don’t actually know the journey. But I CAN be a coach in helping you get out of the gutter and learning to value yourself BECAUSE I come from the gutter where the first value that was placed on me was from a high school teacher letting me know that I was a gifted writer. I come from nothing, so I can help others become somebodies. Without my past, I wouldn’t be able to guide you all in the ways I do. So my past, that was full of neglect, abuse and abandonment, is what groomed me to being able to understand anything you too could be going through. So it was NOT a mistake and it WAS a part of my higher plan as per what was destined to fall on my path.

Love your past for what it provided you, but now know, you are to take that wisdom and step up into something greater where you surrender into where you are next being led to be. You can trust this! Just don’t keep interpreting from your ego that thinks it is in control of the show. Actually, you need to be where you are, learning about WHAT has been slamming into you. Look closer and you will see this is a blessing being bestowed upon you. And you need to be RIGHT HERE for it.




MOON DEGREES: 14 to 28 SAGITTARIUS (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY: 1  3  4 



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