thursday 2 september

Something is rising and it will not be able to hold back. There are many ways this will manifest, so for some it will be amazing, and others, something that feels too hard to bear. Things are coming over the internet with news that gets many feeling like they aren’t safe anymore or this is the end of an era. Something is making people sad feeling that the end is a bad thing.

But others are totally detached because the work that was done on you around the 17th of August is now showing up where you can see things and hear news, but it won't affect your gut in the same way. Basically, you all have a condom around you now, and you will go along like you used to, but there is protection keeping you from something that could harm you and diminish the potential in your future. You did not have this protection until the days around August 17 when you were visited. More on that later. 

You will know you are in this other space of reality when you don’t get so worked up in VIBRATION like you used to. Ultimately, life happens in reaction to the reactions we have to life. As we process, it becomes. But as we upgrade in our processing abilities, our realities upgrade too. It's too easy to not believe that we are a few thoughts away from a better life – so I say, try it. Just play and see what happens from you not going low when you feel like life is hitting you low. 

Still, go high and act like you know a different plan is going to pan out around the next bend or two. It will be easier at this time to really buy into a better way of using your mind and trusting that the Great Mystery has a divine plan for you and your destiny. To believe you have a good mama watching over you is to allow you then to listen more to your body instead of the news and the programming and that which is ultimately trying to keep you addicted to it and giving your life force to negative vibes.

Certain addictions can make your mind feel like you are ahead of the game and have the energy to conquer all. But they lower your ACTUAL vibration – they don’t raise it as high as your mind thinks you are. Like an x-ray machine, we cannot fool actual gravity – not on Karma Earth, where gravity happens. In the long run, it all drops. But the reason you want to escape and be another person is because you don’t fit into the world as it has been where you aren’t allowed to cry or be real or be sensitive or to need self-care and to draw healthy boundaries. You weren’t allowed to be moody and for it to just be a normal thing. You had to hide what you feel and act like life is always yay, yay, yay. But it isn’t just that; it’s also heaploads of fuck this shit and I can't stand another moment of this! 

At this time, you are being given permission to keep it real on how you feel and to just sit back and see who resonates with that. You don’t have to buy into anything trying to get your attention and get you going low into fear. Your energy is changed, and you don’t have to buy just because it's loud and big. Listen inside and let it be your guide. Things have changed and now a new road is about to show you that you CAN have your cake and eat it too. You can have your plot of land, your self-employed success, your love that is a best friend. You can have way more than you were programmed to believe and with this new protection, the distractions won't keep knocking you on your knees! Receive in new ways and start over today in drawing boundaries with what you need to have around you in order to feel supported and nurtured in ways of a dream come true.



MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Venus. Neptune.
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 13 to 24 Cancer

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