THURSDAY 17 November

Seriously! This is when you REALLY DO notice that you are letting go of the feelings from the past few weeks where you have felt like everything was going so wrong. This was a LONG stretch where we plunged into the energies of Pluto and into all our fears of debt and scarcity. ALL OF YOU were taken through personal caves of self-doubt where you wondered if you DO have it in you to keep going. All of you faced inside feelings wondering if we WILL be okay and if things will ever get back to how they used to feel a few years ago.

And ALL of you were there for good reason. There were no mistakes made in the month of November – but I tell you what, I was warned about this month ALL YEAR. I knew that something would come that would throw us all in some raging river of madness that would make it hard to feel grounded and sure about the positions we WERE just holding onto.

But I also knew that things needed to shake free from our lives in order to get us going towards what TRULY VALUES who we are and what we desire to give as our soul’s purpose work. When we feel the squeeze, like all of you have gotten to know in recent weeks, we see that what we thought was important is NOT, and that new priorities are reaching our awareness. We all are seeing new trees that before were blocked from our view.

And we are to psychologically examine what fell away and how it kept us from really seeing the trees and being in the moment choosing from a place of VALUING OURSELVES. What is to rise in 2023 is YOU knowing that you are important and deserve to be treated in certain ways – and not just the ones from our past that match our wounds and how we were MIS(takenly)treated.

What we see in our past, we keep seeing as our future, UNTIL we set the visions straight through going to our heart to remember that we do not deserve the pain as if we did something that now warrants a life of glass half empty outcomes. And, it IS okay to expect the bounty and to believe that we have paid our dues and now deserve to be receiving the manifestations of all our long held wishes for healing and correction.

Plant your enough is enough and NOW start expecting that the answers, the pieces, the money, the missing link and whatever you dream IS coming around a corner that is hours or days from you walking. It is time to see that you have done enough, have waited patiently, have worked diligently, and that NOW the next chapter is coming to finally love on you. It is SO IMPORTANT that we are egging this new chapter on and standing like a child in wait who KNOWS their parents will pick them up EVEN IF they appear to be late.  Don’t get nervous. Trust that what you need has not forgotten about you. KNOW support is on the way.



MOON DEGREES: 3 to 14 VIRGO  (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY: 1  6  7 


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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.