SUNDAY 9 April

Today is most likely going to be when you are thinking about money and how to approach it a better way. We hear all the time that we can manifest it all if we just shift our perspective into seeing for unlimited potential instead of seeing all our past pitfalls. We always talk about how we have SEEN so much not work out so it's hard to stop seeing that. I remember being in the throes of that energy when I was younger and now I see it so often in others, where they are like, BUT it has NEVER WORKED OUT BEFORE -- SO how can I trust this?? -- I get it!

BUT. I also know that no matter, what we have to look at all of our actions and moves as actually filling something up. We don’t get to do things that hurt others and not have that come back our way. And we don’t get to look at our future with limitations and NOT see that come back our way. So even though you may have a pile of nothing to work from, you STILL need to always believe that this will turn into gold and that you don’t have to beat yourself up all the time for where you think you need to be that you AREN’T.

The old world is written into so much that wants you small, in fear and falling in line with the corporate ways. The old world doesn’t want you to be an artist and to believe in your gifts; it wants you only supporting mainstream things, eating factory farmed and chemical laden fast foods, and watching your phone all day. It wants you with lower vibrations because then you don’t dream for more – where you would also create that space for others to follow.

So today is about seeing where you are and how something is happening to provoke you STRONG in getting yourself out of it. This is not about collapsing to the floor because you got all these bills that you don’t have money for, but rather saying, I will come up with this somehow, and now I REALLY know that I need more of a cushion around me.

And from there, we are being asked to just open to what comes to our mind. Remember, you are not to scroll social media for your inspiration as that is what everyone else HAS DONE, thus we are the copy and paste nation where the real deal is HARD AF to find. Social is where no one can control our integrity or authenticity, and the amount of money we spend on promotions is how big our front of a brand can grow. It's like that punk ass dude in California who took all the ground water away and is storing it to sell because there are no rules stopping him – and he was like, if I don’t do it, someone else will. Too many people think this way where they steal things saying, if not me, someone else would do this. We have too many low lives and not enough high vibes influencing us to do.

SO. You need to not follow what is out there telling you how to do what they did, when how many of them actually came from nothing to do what they did? 99.99% came from elevation and now they are trying to preach to those way down the ladder that THEY are the authorities to tell you how to climb to where they are. But they never WERE THERE at the bottom – so how can they even know? It's all the illusion of mountain guides who never climbed the mountain, but they have pretty nails pointing the way for YOU to go.

And seriously. We got conned into thinking the pretty nails are what matter most and NOT the experience and years and know-how that most people just don’t have yet. We as peoples have not looked deeper as we just say, show me the superficial and you got my vote! We as peoples have not questioned authority enough, and I’m not talking as our first approach, in that we walk totally defensive and ready to shoot all down, but questioning who is paying their way into your attention JUST so that THEY can get attention. Most people feel valued through YOU valuing them. And that is not our way to happiness! It's yet another drug and addiction where we keep needing something that ACTUALLY needs to first grow within.

SO. Be with this energy and see how it is getting you to grow a new view on values in your life that ACTUALLY need you making this an inside job to see how YOU are believing the wrong thing. So open to what you need and surrender to what you are shown. Don’t distract yourself with others TRYING to distract you. Today needs you seeing what YOU are expecting to see – and how that needs to go higher and with seeds growing new dreams.


What empties out

Needs you going strong

In knowing it will be filled better eventually.

-- And that is all you need to know.

Don’t go low because you DON’T HAVE

In this moment now.

There are many moments coming

That will offer the opportunity to fill you up

With the ideas of your dreams.

So dream them today and see that there IS a way.

EVEN IF you can't see it or haven’t seen it before.

Don’t let that stop you from believing in change.




MOON DEGREES: 26 Scorpio to 9 Sagittarius


NUMEROLOGY:    0  2 



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