sunday 5 september

Okay then. The light is being shined on something that is important for us to see. This is about bringing correction and a healing to something that was put into place because you were manipulated to follow a certain position in order bring about rewards for others. This can be like a drug dealer getting you hooked so you can keep supporting them living a good life. Something that was old and not in alignment with love HAS influenced you and it's time to wake up and see that there is a better way to function and do your things so that you are actually voting for the new world you dream is possible.

The more the old world squishes you, the more you will bring the needed change. We don’t upgrade all willy-nilly and from nothing. We upgrade because we pass the many tests that are constantly coming our way. The Moon Vibe Guide is letting you know WHERE and HOW the tests will come, and then it offers the solutions on how to do it right. We need to not only read about the lovely ways, but walk it and create it through the brush stroke of our actual daily movements.

Expect to feel strongly today and to see how it does get you wanting to focus on what you can control, which is actually more than you realize! As the light shines on through, your reach will follow, and this will create rippling effects that will blossom you beautifully. Trust the sensitive space and know that you aren’t cooked until the insecurity transforms into confidence. But there is NOTHING wrong with that! The old way got you jumping guns and trying to cut in line. The new way wants you learning how to ACTUALLY shine and then see how the outer world rushes in to then offer you opportunities. Don’t buy the air that lifts you, grow into something that gets the air finding you in some magical way that SHOWS YOU that you are important. This is a different way to travel, but it pays better long term. 

Chase what values you

And let go what has you

Chasing the status quo.

Your way is actually the best way.

But you must act like a child

And play your way to the top. 

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 21 Leo to 3 Virgo

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