SUNDAY 5 March

Be aware that things may end up surprising you today where they are not going as planned, or you were not expecting what has dropped on your path! This is a day that can have you feeling sensitive because things hit us in wild ways, and they ARE pulling us off schedule. Do what you can to do what you can, but don’t get down on yourself for things that make your heart hurt. We are supposed to feel today and to have it be what bridges us to some other stance in life.

EXPECT that your ideas are changing or something with a current path is needing you to REALLY go in and see if this feels amazing in your body. You may even be stuck in bed with a headache or some pain that forces you to slow down and think again. But this is for the good! It is time for you to start choosing around things that really give you joy when you are in them.

You may want to look around at the jobs you have to do and grade them so that you can really understand what naturally flows out of you and what is something that is like pulling teeth. Honestly, I am in this same boat and was grading my life a few days ago! I realized that readings or scheduled appointments are like a C or D to my body, whereas Birth Chart Books and articles are an A. It really all boils down to the things that require me to be 100% in them and not having any space for my own brain to do its thing are where I feel the lower grades. When I can feel free with the timing flows and can do other things as I do what needs me, I grade them an A.

And from there, when you have your graded life, you need to start moving towards A’s and make C’s a small number -- and D’s and F’s almost obsolete. I will be bringing changes you aren’t expecting, and either was I, but when I really looked at my precious time, I decided I will only give a certain amount to doing readings because they take 100% of my attention and energy -- and I don’t want all my hours to go towards giving that much of me. I want the meditative jobs to fill my days instead! The fun, the carefree, the creative, the positions where I can still ALSO think about what I will be making for dinner as I complete them.

Use today to grade what needs you -- and work towards a life of A’s where you really enjoy how you get to spend your day. There are creative ideas bubbling out of you that deal with using your hands and beautifying things. There are ways that you can spend your day that deal with sewing or painting or building and THESE THINGS need to be where you escape when you have too many D’s pulling you in too many directions. What you will notice is that the more A’s you create in your days, the more the D’s don’t feel so heavy and then they DO have the opportunity to become C’s. So chase the A’s and then the heavies won't feel so much like anchors in your life. This IS a work in progress, so pace yourself, my loves. We can't throw the D’s to the curb until we have A’s to replace them.




MOON DEGREES: 20 Leo to 1 Virgo (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  5  6



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.