sunday 5 december

Good morning sweet beauties! Today is going to be a great day to sit with some new ideas and to start rebuilding what has needed you going back and changing a way you were doing things. It means we turn around and go back to places that we didn’t think of as important, but now new information is here, and we see that this DOES matter.

DO NOT get down on yourself if you feel too far gone or as if you made a mistake with choices that you thought for sure were the best thing when you made them. In all actuality, we OFTEN are thinking that this is the best thing, and it really only is for a short amount of time, which then we walk that journey and see it was NOT for our best. But it is true that we need to find these things out on our own! We need to walk that talk in order to see what we really do want in our lives.

For this reason, expect others to also be talking about new goals or even wanting to go back and give attention to what they THOUGHT was dead and gone. This may mean light is coming where it seemed there was nowhere to go. But now a door opens, and it will require that you plan a new course in how you will really walk the journey this next time around. This could be like losing or quitting a job, and with the time away, you grow a new appreciation for what you DID have, as it will give you a new passion to do the jobs with more gratitude that they ARE there for you. Sometimes we just need to get away from the situation so that we can see things clearer – and THAT is where we are right now. We see that maybe we were wrong and now need to assert ourselves so that we can make this right.

There also may be a real low point that comes out of the blue that gets you feeling like a failure for something you have done. It may be that something breaks because of your actions where you weren’t taking something seriously. There ARE upgrades on the way, so just know that it was not a mistake, and this needs you looking at all the sides of why this could have happened. Maybe you need things better and what broke was never making you really happy anyway. Try to see a positive in what falls apart and do not see that this is your end and that you are doomed now because you have made mistakes. It is easy to think in limited ways as you interpret the results of your actions, but in actuality, all paths lead you to where you need to be to learn the things you need to see.

Dead ends schedule you for more movement down the road. Sometimes we have to merge and go into another direction that feels right in order to learn how wrong it was and how NOW we have a stronger system in choosing for what really fits. And not where you just reach out to all and act as if scarcity is the name of the game. You were programmed to chase it all and to burn through life on amphetamine and cocaine. Our choices are based on this old paradigm where we only think of fast money, fast attention and fast fame.

So look at yourself and see where your focus goes. The old world will lead you to an unsavory future where there is no joy. And you are on automatic in going that way. We all are. So we have to face the ways we are motivated by these certain things and reprogram how we see our place in the world with what the climb is going to look like. There is a new view to go for and it requires a rebuild of what you did when you were still buying into old world ways.


5 December 2021



MOON PHASE: plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 27 Sagittarius to 11 Capricorn


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream #15 Wound Healer


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