SUNDAY 4 December

Okay babies. Whew. Life is something else! DO KNOW we are experiencing changes of plans or directions BECAUSE of needing things to value us – where we are waking up to needing things better than what we said yes to in our past. This is creating some earthquakes and shifts that will rattle us out of our positions and into needing to look around to see what ELSE feels like it truly will hold us.

As we evolve and change, we have to expect that our surroundings will do the same. But. You need to know that you ARE protected and safe. We all are being tested to go back into old fears and ways where we leave the bus stop and go back home to think maybe we WONT get what we dream. But the point of this energy is saying, you still need to reach for the better, and to wait, wait, and wait some more until you really see it on the rise. We cannot go backwards at this time, ALTHOUGH you may be seeing that something else from your past IS something that needs to be given another consideration. But going backwards means going into where you just were that has proven to NOT be satisfying and NOT be what makes you want to sing.

Many times, we leave a job with all these high hopes about NOW being able to do our own thing and run our own businesses. But so often, a few weeks or days into the actual walking and we start to think we need to go back to our old job and do what we used to do to support ourselves. ALL OF YOU are trying to leap into a new space and we MUST hold faith that at some mysterious point of this month, we will finally land and see that it DOES work out as planned.

But I want you to get used to knowing what is going back to something negative and what is going back to something positive. I have been going through a nightmare with my current landlords, who have proven to not be what they want you to think they are, and instead they are hurtful, super low vibing with their values, and only see you as a dollar sign. But the thing is, this has been the case since I moved away from Santa Fe. EVERY HOME has had a level of toxicity that keeps me from flowing smoothly with my career – whereas in SF, I was flowing so harmoniously. With this current situation, I was like I AM DONE with trying to find conscious landlords in a sea of out of staters taking over Taos because it is such a small town of 5000 and it’s EASY to take it over. I started getting the idea that maybe I need to move back to Santa Fe and get back to when life was EASY. But it really took me getting kicked down again and again to see that maybe I left my power place and each house I manifest is just more proof that I am supposed to be where I was for over a decade where things flowed so naturally.

Sometimes we have to keep going out there and exploring in order to discover that something from our past WAS a better move and SHOULD be reconsidered. So going back to something after research is one thing, but going back after fear that the dream won’t actually work out is NOT where you want to be. So stop and think over what is moving you to go back into something. If you only are going back because you are afraid to go forward into the mystery of your dream life, DON’T GO. Stay at the bus stop and wait. This time can be VERY confusing, but just know, we are leaping into something that FEELS like it will value us and give us the stability we need.



MOON DEGREES: 28 degrees ARIES  to 10 degrees TAURUS (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY: 1  3  4 



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.