SUNDAY 27 November

Now be aware because today has some important elements that need you walking the talk of something that you have SAID you would do. You may be in a struggle to be seen or to have your needs met, and something about today wants you going about it in a new and transformed way. It may be that you need to see the best in what has gotten tangled, and you need to somehow show up as the person you WISH you would be when you do finally travel the hindsight vision and see that you COULD have done something better.

We all are in situations that need us leveling up and thinking like a builder who patiently works through the steps of a project and who knows that there is nothing to race through because things you miss in a haste can be what has your building toppling if things grow too big. So all the decisions need to be in the moment and not only with the destination as the main desire. YES, you are building something important in your life, but you need to be here now as you make sure things TRULY feel like the best moves.

Expect to have strong feelings today that make you want to protect yourself or not give your time to just anyone. There are decisions to make around what feels supportive, and what alternatively feels cold and lifeless. Because many of you are learning that you DO deserve things better, we are facing an exalted level of feelings in things to help us along in going for what IS a green flag and what IS a good sign. And because we all are wounded, WE DO tend to make excuses for bad signs and try to make things work, even when they really DON’T feel good.

I always say that if you really want a quick sum up of what a person’s main life condition is, you look at their Mars sign. I have Mars in the very last degree of Sagittarius, in the very last degree of my 12th house, which is the very last degree of the entire birth chart wheel. It also is in a t-square with my Pluto/Black Moon (the planet influences of today) and my Sun/Mercury/Athena.

And MY MAIN life condition in the world is that I have superficial and beautiful things tempt me, and then somewhere in the process, bad signs start to show. And basically, my life challenge is about NOT standing up and stopping what the bad signs are saying, and always seeing disastrous results because of it, OR stopping because of the negative feelings, and hurting others by pulling away. Like, my life is a TRIP in how the coyote trickster is always there and experiences that start to finish without a flicker of things going array is rarely how they have been for me.

It's always just like how I recently got highlights after not since covid started and I was SO STOKED, but as I sat in the chair, with this recommended friend of a friend, I realized the hairdresser was horrible and RUDE and ripping her comb brutally through my hair. My guides actually said, IS THIS WHEN YOU GET UP AND LEAVE? And … I didn’t! Even though I KNOW when they talk like that to me with a question it is important that I follow. Instead, I stayed because it was a friend of a friend, and I hoped that maybe it would all work out. But what happened is I got THE WORST highlight job that is downright embarrassing! It definitely looks like I let an 8 year old do it.

But I didn’t get out of that seat – I just trusted things. And this is the story of my life. I trust and I don’t speak up because its hard to go on existential feelings! BUT every time I ignore the bad signs, it goes seriously bad. Every time I stand up and say no, it also goes bad because then people get hurt or mad. It has really shown me that I can only receive opportunities and also that unless it is 100% good signs and no bad vibes, I CANNOT say yes. ANY LITTLE WARNING seems to foretell a potential disaster for me. And if I ignore it, thinking it's not that big of a deal, it ALWAYS goes super bad in the long run.

SO. Use my experience and TRUST the little voice inside that warns you to be cautious or to tread lightly with someone or a certain situation. YOU CAN TRUST what you feel inside. And just as a suggestion! If you are EVER in a hairdresser’s chair and feel negative vibes, just say, you need to leave because you suddenly are getting a migraine. If you feel NO, you have got to go. YES, they may be mad, but it’s better than getting a haircut you will regret! Please! Get out of the chair!




MOON DEGREES: 21 CAPRICORN  to 4 AQUARIUS (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY: 1  7  8 




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