sunday 26 december

Everyone knows that something really changed for us all yesterday. If there could be a shift that really gets the waters flowing in a new direction, it happens now. The collective is being rewired to THINK AGAIN about how easily we are expressing hatred and division and mean-spirited ways to so many people and things. Truly, what we show on the outside is how we feel about ourselves on the inside. Just like how they say our fridge is an example of our emotional well-being. Things that come out of us are indicators of what is buried inside as truth.

We all are going to be seeing things that get us walking our lives in a whole other way as the light is shining on hidden motives that were put there to manipulate us into not valuing ourselves and the ways our systems operate. If someone put a stick in your spoke it could bend the metal and your bike would be a bit wobbly as it moved you forward. We all have had sticks that have stopped us from moving smoothly, and at this time, when we make contact with this awareness, we are quickly making changes and getting ourselves back into a better groove. There will not be the anger or frustration at what was done, rather the enthusiasm to get it back into a better position and move on.

Think about when you have this great idea to move to this place or take this job or jump into this relationship, and then months down the way something reveals to let you know this is NOT the best thing for you. What happens is that then we say OH OKAY and we move on to something else that feels correct for us.

But this happens for many reasons! Things have to be lined up and orchestrated, so IN THIS MOMENT it may feel like a yes – but if it becomes a no down the road, you just need to remember that you DID make the best decision for you when it was called out of you to make it. And in the mysterious ways of truth, just how the sun rises in different spots depending on the seasons, you DO need to trial and error your way through A LOT of life. We grow and expand and learn so much along the way that gets us looking back and feeling surprised over the decisions we made.

And now we are armed with consciousness around wanting to walk a humble and true path where people will not be able to describe us as mean and hateful. If you just strive for that, you will live a good life. Is it mean to take a baby cow from its mother so you get the milk and cheese? Is it hateful to talk negatively about people behind their backs where you work to diminish their value in the eyes of others? Is it mean to look at other humans and judge them because of the color of their skin or how they identify? Is it hurtful to think of yourself as superior and better than other people?

Is it mean? Is it hurtful? Is it mean? Is it hurtful? Ask yourself with all that you do, and if you steer towards love, you will be corrected, supported and enjoying the life you get to live. We just need to clean shop of all the ways we have been mean and hurtful in our past because that still lingers in our manifesting potential. We must face things to bring them into balance within our own system. We must forgive ourselves for how we have been when we truly didn’t know any better. No blame, shame or guilt – BUT YES to facing things head on even if it feels brutal to get it all out there.

I know that talking about the abuse done to me only got me in trouble or where I was shamed for saying such a thing. I wasn’t ever supported in bringing the truth forward. So, remember that old world people will try to get you keeping the shadows in the closet where you have to process the pain alone and with no resolution. Don’t shut down because others aren’t ready to forgive themselves for the harm they still inflict your way. Be open. Be clear. Be honest. And do it because you are working to bring more love into your day to day. YOU ARE WORTH IT.


26 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Pluto.

MOON PLANNER: Venus. Pluto.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 25 Virgo to 7 Libra


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.

#15 Wound Healer.

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