SUNDAY 15 January

Sweet loves! Be aware that with Mars going direct, but with Mercury still in retrograde in Capricorn, things are NOT so much corrected like they were supposed to be – and instead it’s like we all have this thing that stepped out of the shadows to bring us more pain. We finally got past the nightmare of our energy not being able to go out and deliver as it would normally for us, to then having even more mental limitations placed on our path so as to further wonder and doubt if we DO have it going on and CAN count on a better future. 

This energy feels like sludge to me because it is in some way pulling us backwards to take care of something that needs our attention, but likely, we were not gracefully pulled into reverse and instead through collaborations or coming together with others, we are being FORCED into where others want us to be. This is something I have been talking about for years because when I first started my business everyone around me was love, love, love. It was SO MUCH FUN to open emails and to connect with people and just feel and share the love. As for the last few years, it is hard to find people who don’t want to war or don’t want to shame and blame you or don’t want to make things worse. It's like harmony is out the window and now our wounds are on the surface as we then are upset with everyone else for triggering us or not providing our needs. 

But. Here is what I want you all to think about as I feel it is one of my biggest messages in bringing to the people. What you feel for others is WHAT YOU VIBRATE INSIDE. What others DO is what THEY vibrate inside. But your view of them NOT acting correctly, where you judge them as if you know their background and what got them to this position, is YOU holding that judgmental vibration, THUS, YOU manifesting what that vibration is all about. 

We have got to wake up and stop thinking it's all about the other person and that we have free will and no karma to be the hierarchal judges of others and their destiny. What I think of people now is that most of them want to be mean and want to hurt others or see them suffer. Cancel culture and a more vocal community has led to the love of talking disgracefully about people and getting others to ALSO vibrate hatred. Hatred LOVES company and it's why people love to gossip and race to friends in order to talk down about others. People love to see the dirt and to celebrate it in company. But every one of those partakers also EATS and CONSUMES that same energy and it IS inside of them too! This is why I feel this is our ULTIMATE TEST in life and it is the bridge that keeps us in miserable pools of judgmental states where all we do is see that others need to do the work, when in fact, if we are the preachers and seers of darkness, we ARE the exact same thing

It seems almost impossible to get this message to the people because as a base energy MOST people now are vibrating anger on the daily. And things can never get better because they are placing attention on a tiny little thing that probably won't even matter in a year or two, or month or two, or day or two. And if you keep your focus on all the ways you are NOT getting what you expect from life or others, you will NEVER get what you expect from life or others. We have got to wake up and see that if we want the world to change, WE have to change FIRST. We have to lead the way. We have to be the ones who support others to change and empower them to want to be better -- INSTEAD of holding our own hatred and lashing at those who we think are hurting our potential or keeping us from where we want to be. If you want that person to love you, don’t throw rocks or shade their way. If you want to be loved, you have to show that YOU are love. 

As we near the end of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, it's time to wake up and walk our talk. If you want something better, YOU have to vibrate the essence of the new. If you want to shame and blame everyone else for not being as perfect as you think they should be, then YOU are all that shame and blame you try to spew, and it will magnetize to you situations that push away what you think you need. Be the salve and work to find understandings of compassion, and by default, your life WILL get better. Your life will be what you talk about and see in others. So, what is it you see?




MOON DEGREES: 27 LIBRA to 9 SCORPIO (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:  1  4  5 



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