SUNDAY 12 March

Hello daylight savings! Time to get more light at the end of the day! And I tell you what! This spring is going to be so empowering for ALL of you. We are moving into our first spring after covid where we are coming out of our homes and enjoying the warmth and rebirth of our senses. Expect around this day to start to feel like you are really ready to come alive again and make more of the time you do have left. I want you all to think like you only have a few years because it is the ultimate motivating factor in getting you to get up and do what you dream.

The older we get, the more we can't believe we left situations without speaking up about our feelings or let things pass because we were too much in our ego and wanting to be right. This energy is aging you all so that you stop repeating patterns that bring you situations as opportunities to release your karmic debris and stop acting out in the same ways you have in your past. We don’t get to understand our patterns without walking the correction of how better we can be. We don’t get to sit from afar and say, AH HA, I get how I have followed the reaction of my wounds around certain people and situations – so I must be done with that pattern. We don’t get to understand things in our mind as we have to actually walk the test and pass it in order to start manifesting new and harmonious situations.

So each storm that blows in discomfort or dis-ease with others is yet another opportunity for you to handle things in a high vibing way, where you honor the somatics of how things feel in your body. If you really understand that the test is seeing if you DO get mean and DO wish evil things and DO actual moves that will bring pain and suffering to others. If you DO those, you will never manifest true joy and you will keep stumbling over more things that test you again and again to see if you will begin to let things go and trust that they are there for a good reason. We are to be curious with what clashes against our peace – and we are to strive to be clear of throat if something is not correct and just – BUT we are to not poison wells and vibrate low through the process. Anger is justified when corruption is revealed, but we have to THEN see for a solution or reason for why we are in the situations we are in. And more than anything, we just need to monitor our own thoughts and our own reactions to not getting our way or when others want to fight us or bring us down to the low levels they are choosing to express from. Just know that the test is always seeing if you will go low too and thus manifest more pain in your future.

When you really love and value yourself, you see that no one can really hurt you or take anything away that was meant to be yours. When you really trust yourself, you will know that being love is more important than being right or putting others down in order to try to elevate your own position. Just look within and make sure you are doing what is correct. You are not here to control or manipulate or destroy ANYONE. And if you do, your future will be full of potholes holding you back and teaching you again and again that love IS the answer no matter how much anything has hurt you. And love is the only way to your better day.

What vibration you hold is what you will manifest. What vibration others hold is what they will manifest. Don’t fool yourself into thinking there is ANY way out of this truth.




MOON DEGREES: 17 to 30 Scorpio (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  4  5



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.