Solar Eclipse in GEMINI Readings Per Sign

Hello SOLAR ECLIPSE! We get an Eclipse 4 times a year, with two being two weeks apart. We had the Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago and now we have the Solar Eclipse. These two readings will describe your next six months! So this reading is hella important and it sums up the flow of where you NEED TO GO over  the rest of this year.

Come read your SUN, MOON + RISING SIGNS for the complete picture of your next six months!



This Solar Eclipse is set to get you noticing a new tempo to your life where things are speeding up, but they also are feeling like they finally are coming together. This is your season of change, and it is all about getting you to open to new opportunities that can't even be dreamt in your mind but that deal with potential for you to expand or move or grow into. There is a space that you have blocked out because you hold blame, shame and guilt and these glass half empty feels are keeping you from even seeing the next levels that ARE there for you. And something needed to hold you back and put you in mental spaces so you could see how much of you has been kept hidden as you pursued the paths of others and other ideologies that you thought would be a dream come true. You now are facing hard facts and will be given the choice of a change in directions. This will require a leap of faith where you ARE going to have to move into a space where it takes a minute to land, or it at least requires you to believe in yourself and to not talk yourself out of really going for far out dreams. You need to explore another area and be in spaces where other people can find you and ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the  MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


Oh love! This Solar Eclipse is just perfect! This is when light will be shed into dark places where you didn’t really know how to grow something that deals with your creative gifts or something that values the way that you are. You have been working on something new that was to sustain you and there are to be big changes in your future where you are choosing to draw boundaries and to level way up in regard to what you will allow into your space and to be a part of your environment. You will clearly see where others feel good in your body, and the way you talk is like you are family. You will also see the antithesis, or you will relate to past relationships in finally letting something go in seeing that they matched your lower valuing levels, but your new crew matches your higher ones. THESE people around you that help you to feel creative and to openly express your throat ideas are here to help you come out of the dark with what you know or how you do see things needing to go down. The Universe wants to put you into a leadership role where you talk more or put priority to your creative solutions for how to create better systems. Opportunities are to come, and they come out of the blue to get you seeing how ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


Oh, hello Solar Eclipse in Gemini! And what a beautiful time to be alive! This energy is going to transform the ways you show up for us so that we do start to see you as more grounded and solid and with something important to bring to the world. This energy will ignite many of you to start seeing with eyes that don’t even recognize why you got pulled into your old life and ways that you thought you needed to be in order to get your dreams out there. Something will be changing in your system where you DO know you have a place in the world, and you DO know you have every right to be as unique and out of bounds as you need to be. This will empower you to move on your whims and to start showing a different side where you are assertive in directions that FEEL good to you. This will bring clarity where it used to bring confusion or waffling over all the sides of things. When your brilliant mind finally hooks up to your feeling body, you are safe. This time is getting you to a new foundation that comes from the far out experiences of the world SEEING YOU because of the ways your view is changing and your perspective on your potential out in the world. You will be working on creative projects and are to stay ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


This Solar Eclipse is going to get you feeling way more connected to the experience of life and the people and things that touch you. You will be going down memory lane where you may have sad moments of opportunities lost or shame and regret for how confident you were in the past, which seems the antithesis of how you would do it now. It can be conflicting in your mind, but where ultimately you just need to make space to allow life to settle and digest on its own. You are learning a new flow where you see how nurturing it is to your soul to have downtime alone or where you aren’t thinking about a single thing. You need to unplug more and ALLOW LIFE more and just be the co-creator instead of the one who dissipates from taking on all the energy of others. You also have been put into a limbo space where all you will have is your positive hopes that things will work out. Be warned that you are learning a new way to show up in the world and it deals with you using your energy to predict that everything will be wonderful. And not to worry or go negative because you know this pattern so well. Just because the groove is in the road pulling us in it, because we know it so well, doesn’t mean we have to keep following along. ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


Oh love! This Solar Eclipse is a dream come true. Now is when you really get to see that you DO have family and you can trust that you have a place in the world that sees you for who you really are. You don’t have to fight your way to the top or overdramatize your outsides to catch the flies that make you think you’re all that. You just need to be authentically you and to look for different ways to come outside of what is already being done. All you have to do is trust that there IS a way, and the solution WILL come, and then you need to sit and receive the bounty. IF you believe in yourself and stay glass half full in wanting to live a life where you are supported for your creative gifts, you will. This time just wants you to dream wilder and to expect that you will have a home that loves what you talk about and want to share. Put a creative project out there at this time and see that your work is making a difference and helping others to live better lives. Let go of thinking there is only one way to the top. Open to a slow road being more ideal where you really can be here now and enjoy the art of life  ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


Okay then! This Solar Eclipse will shift your life where you will feel like the gate finally opened or something releases so that your ideas are finally starting to show some growth. This time is to be sort of profound as you will release a belief system you held that actually kept you anchored to a limiting story about how far you can go. Something from your roots got you focusing on an idea where you have been confused on your role or what was expected of you. This time is when you will see that you have more power than you thought, and it deals with you stepping into more color and creativity and allowing your life to be one of an artist and one who brings the mystery into solid form. Something is to be changing with your role because of new feelings rising that are deciding for a different path or to move into a better space. Your life is going to be geared to making the corrections that you need to face that will alleviate the worry or fear or feelings that you can't be what you really dream of being. You may also notice that people are coming together who inspire you to keep it real. This time wants you asserting the power that you are and really stepping into the energy of someone who heals and brings ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the   MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 



This Solar Eclipse is going to set you free! Be full of gratitude because something will shift into a new space where you get the answers or the ah-ha – and it is set to move you forward dramatically. This also deals with you learning to run your brain in different ways where you get out of the way or at least stop thinking so negatively about challenges on your path. You are going to see that things get completed, healed, put back into position and thriving in better ways. Because things are set to “reverse” you also will be shown proof that you can trust the process and that you don’t need to be so nitpicky and judgmental in how things may come to be. This time wants you surrendering and trusting the higher power to guide you when you need assistance and to show the signs when you need to make a change. You may be thinking about traveling more or doing something to go another level with your career. This time is to open gates for you where you suddenly see the light -- and see that your fears are not that bad. Where before you maybe wouldn’t have gotten into the new skill because you thought it took too long to learn, you now will start and dedicate yourself towards something that makes you happy and that ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


What an amazing Solar Eclipse for you! This is to be when you really make the connections that get you waking up to your power and seeing that the way you were programmed to be is NOT the way you want to travel life now. You will be making discoveries where you see that your worth was tangled in the needs of others that you no longer want to contribute to. You are to awaken to loving yourself in a new way and also with really wanting to simplify and go natural with what had you chasing after some sort of mainstream dream. You will be thinking about growing a new plot of land from the perspective that you can have it all and that if you keep your eyes on the positive outcome, it WILL come true. Expect to face a lot of your fears or to get triggered by others where you actually are just needing to change a pattern of how YOU show yourself and navigate the land mines. It's time for you to see how you get in your way because your ego thinks you need to live for some certain outcome from others. And, your wounds got you needing them to be this thing for you, where the past was reinforced and kept growing in your garden. You are to find things that you now are to ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


This Solar Eclipse is set to change so much for you as you will finally see that there is a new way for you to show yourself or a new role that is arriving as an opportunity where you will be crossing the bridge with some sort of understanding. This can feel like being a teenager vs. being in your 30s – and how we don’t know when it happens, but we totally have different expectations for what sort of role we want others to see us holding. You are in a phase where you are seeing things with clarity, and this deals with you letting things go that no longer make sense or where you just don’t have the energy to front some other personality trait that isn’t really your own to walk. You will see how others have imprinted you and programmed you to not really believe you can live your art or do something that expresses what you love to talk about. You may feel that your mind holds you back from believing there is space for you to blossom in your career and to really be supported by something that IS intuitional about you and a natural sort of colorful gift. You are being asked to honor that you are changing and it's time to level up WHERE you play and how you express your gifts. See with hope that your ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


This Solar Eclipse is EVERYTHING for you! This is when your life will take a drastic turn and you will begin to see a new view that gets your body moving in a whole different way. Think about driving towards the sun as it blinds your eyes with confusion, and then having the sun behind you where it clearly reveals your view. You are making a change that will get your mind seeing your life in a way where you are STOKED to want to do the jobs and get through the hard tasks and get your body moving towards things that give you the feeling of accomplishment. You are going to see that your words and creative gifts and projects from times past now are coming together to show that you have grown and now come from a higher perspective. You will get the sign that the gates have opened and that now it is time to show yourself in a higher role where you are offering support or something that provides care and your take on things. It’s time to open your throat and sing. It’s time to step into the discipline and STOP just talking about it. Over this next 6 months you are going to blossom. Like, full on new you rising from you finally talking positive about the jobs before you and trusting that your journey has never been  ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


This Solar Eclipse is going to get your heart woke up where you start seeing that you ARE hot shit and you DO got things that the world needs to know about and needs to celebrate WILDLY. EXPECT to have something shifted in your system where you now are seeing that you deserve the light and that you don’t need to hide behind messages of others telling you that you need to quiet down and zip your lips and give you reasons to think your words don’t matter and you have no right to share your opinion. It's time to rise into a new way of sharing your physical energy where you are more open and vulnerable and real about what you have kept hidden, which ultimately just needed to grow and become something solid. An artistic gift or project or something that really IS your thing is about to be seen in the world where you will get opportunities to keep with this and to walk your dreams in a way where you DO believe this can sustain you. You are letting go of thinking in ways that position yourself as NOT having a place. THIS is when you really lose that aspect of yourself where you are quick to use words that describe how you don’t have a home here. You are QUICK to break apart and to go away from a hopeful position ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 


Oh wow! Things have lined up perfectly to NOW usher you into a VERY new space in your life where it WILL feel like you are getting to start over or that something has shifted that now brings fresh air and new light to your foundation of life. This can be like falling in love or really being seen for your creative gifts or a project. Something that is a to the core the truth of who you are that you didn’t really believe you could share or be celebrated for is going to start sprouting and showing that it is not too late, and you are not too far gone. You are perfect! You are finally cooked for something right now and it's just on you to allow your system to run in a way where you DO show up as glass half full and positive about whatever could next arrive. Through extreme pain, and exhilarating joy, we learn how to believe that nothing is actually working against us, but ourselves. Things ARENT conspiring to defeat you and get you hidden in the shadows where you never keep it real about what you can do or who you are. You DON’T have to buy into that storyline and make your foundation or the past that broke you into what you still think will be on your horizon. You are being asked to show ...((( Hey! You just read about 1/4 of the reading. To access the full reading get the MOON VIBE GUIDE ECLIPSE ISSUE #131 

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