Saturday November 5

Okay loves! Be aware that we are in some sensitive waters as we move into the Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday morning. We are deep in situations where it is easy for us to go into the past and to think these same things will return. It is when we are in the process of seeing that it does NOT behoove us to keep focusing on all the fears and all the ways our lives could potentially go wrong.

It is NEVER a good idea to sit and focus on all the mistakes we think we have made or all the struggles we have in our database. It is NEVER a good idea to sit in scarcity and to waste the MAGNETS THAT WE ARE on thinking of NOT having enough and NOT figuring out how to manifest what we need. If you sit in scarcity and ponder over thoughts of losing it all and living in the streets, you are ASKING for that same situation to find you.

It is time to RADICALLY wake up and see that the patriarchy way wants you thinking you are small and need to accept a pathetic life. The old world ways conditioned you to hate on others and to spew negativity as if it won’t also affect you – AND it conditioned you to buying into victimhood and thinking that you don’t deserve a good life.

But the New World ways are about unlimited potential and seeing that the love you give to others is the love you then receive. WE have GOT to wake up to our imprint and stop calling out for pain. Yes, things may have been hard for a really long time, but the more you keep talking about it and seeing it that way, the more you keep planting it into your future. When you finally make the connection, you will stop yourself from creating the life of your nightmares.

So if you are ready for bliss, you have GOT to watch what you say, what you do, how you talk to others, how you treat strangers, how you speak in your mind when no one can hear you. Time to be accountable for YOU and not so focused on what you see as flaws in others. Because if you see them, you vibe them. What we see, we are. Within days, all of you are really going to understand what these words mean.

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