Today is one of those days where you will either come up with something that really seems to bring the idea of freedom, OR it will be that something distracts you and you stay fixated into frustration with another. It will be a heaven or hell sort of day and what I most want you to know is that provocation comes on URANUS days, and it always is a test to see if we value our space enough to say NO or to not get into clashes with others in trying to prove our point or prove another wrong. This is a day to MOVE ALONG. It is a day of testing if you really love yourself and aren’t about to go putting your hand on a hot stove just because it is there.

When we get older, we learn to pick our battles. We all learn from trial and error and SEEING if we should really open that door that tells us in the gut to leave it be and go along with our day. Are you so curious that you have to open that email or have to go where something is warning you NO?

We all know this feeling from social media scrolling where inside we hear GET AWAY FROM THIS, but then we stay at it, seeking something that helps us feel better. But it rarely does! It so often shows you what you don’t want to see. So be aware of that today and don’t reach into anything that doesn’t feel like peace because it will blow you to smithereens!

Today we need you seeing something else that is dangling around your consciousness that WILL lift you and WILL help you feel enlightened in regard to some stuck area of your life. On the days we are to receive insight that moves us forward, we also are tested with provocation tempting us to miss out on this opportunity. And we usually miss out! We usually can't stop ourselves from wanting to get even or wanting to put another in their place. So don’t dive so eagerly into your wounded ego expressions. LET THIS GO.

Today needs you breathing deeply and looking into challenges with this anticipatory stance that knows something is about to reveal that will help you. If things are knotted up, unwind them and expect to see a better way to be. Look at what is wrong and plant something for how it WILL be corrected eventually. We are to learn how to appreciate what we used to not resonate with, and to see that we were just stuck in some perspective that needs to shift into a new view. You may think you hate doing some chore, but maybe you don’t really, and maybe you took up some position from long ago that now just keeps repeating. Your habits are on the table for examination and there IS to be new life coming from what you thought was dead and gone. So be a witness today and don’t use your mouth too much to try to get your way!


Be a witness today.

And don’t use your mouth

To try to get your way!

This is NOT the day to stand rigid

In righteousness.

Let it go and

Something amazing will reward you so.




MOON DEGREES: 13 to 25 Scorpio


NUMEROLOGY:    1  9 



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