SATURDAY 7 January

Okay loves! Be aware that we are still in the full moon in Cancer energies -- and things intensify today. You most likely were wide awake last night and not getting much sleep. This moon was speaking to you ALL in the form of you seeing what is NOT holding you in all the best ways. You may have tossed and turned over regrets or fears or situations that you feel you can’t get out of. There is MUCH confusion in this energy that needs you being okay NOT KNOWING how things will actually go until something shows to bring you the clarity. So be in the limbo but do not put too much attention into anything you are thinking about as being too far gone. There IS a way, but we all need to unplug our egos and the programming of the patriarchy so that we can see the mystery and how WE need to change in order to dance with grace as our futures unfold.

A great way for you to see this is with my new home I manifested. I haven’t been talking about it much, but things went sour the first month at my last home when the landlords told me they were going to spray essential oils on the backyard for pest control and instead sprayed the toxic chemicals, through a hose, dousing the entire house and small yard, AND 3 of my windows were open. They also sprayed over the 3 feet high limit on the container and even into the public park that boarders the yard. To boot, they were there in the upstairs unit for 2 weeks and only sprayed on the way out, so that their baby, their cat, their health was kept from the toxins. They made sure to keep themselves safe and out of harm, but they put me and my babies in ground zero and didn’t think a thing about it. Their excuse after I confronted them was that they had to spray because they need a good review from the person who would be moving in upstairs through Airbnb so they can support their family – as in THIS is their job and they don’t do other work to support themselves. It was all ME ME ME but not the ME of the tenant – only the me of the landlord.

Anyway, it has been a war ground since this happened, and wildly distracting, where I finally agreed to move out, as they said they were okay with it, as it appears to them that we are not really a match. And the moment I did, the landlord hired a lawyer to evict me, even though in the lease, I have to pay for the lawyer. So she is on landlord retaliation for me being upset that they poisoned me. She thinks I should just move on and get over it. But if you know me, I move on easily with most things, unless it is injustice that has not been heard, and then I stand rooted like a tree and don’t stop barking until things are fixed. And this move on their part HURT ME. It hurt my business, my social scene, my focus, my plans, everything. I was cleaning up dead and dying bees, butterflies, rolly pollies, spiders and the little black bugs that rub them raw, for 9 days. It was horrifying.

So. It pushed me into needing to find a home by January 1st, in the WORST time to move or try to find a place. I was moving into 1% land where I really had to pull a miracle out of the hat. And it would be the 3rd move of the year!!! So I started going on this drive where I would look up at the top of Taos Mountain and pray for something to save me. There was nothing I could do but see for the best outcome and hope that I wasn’t going to be pushed out on the street! Ironically, I kept meeting people my age who were suddenly homeless and living in their car in the wal-mart parking lot! It was the worst thing to keep seeing because I couldn’t forget it and then I started worrying that something wouldn’t show up to support me.

But what kept happening is that my TIMING kept showing that I WAS on time and could trust the process. It happened with the moon and the mountain. I would be called to go on a drive, and it would always be where the moon would be rising over the mountain right as I got to the destination. Just like the moon picture I showed yesterday, where I was just out on our nightly walk, at out new home, and the moon rises over El Salto just perfectly when we were getting back! And seeing that my timing WAS producing something got me to really just let go and let God and let the Higher Power take the wheel and get me to where I wanted to be.

This energy we are in is about letting go of thinking you are so in control and need to be doing something, and instead co-creating by HOPING for the best, but not getting hung up on any particular outcome per say. This energy is about you really not having a clue HOW things will go down, but still holding space for the best and most honoring thing to take place. I had to sit for a month with the pressure of the landlords and their bullying, not having a new home and not knowing where my babies would safely land, now having to go to court for the first time in my life, which is such a low vibing space to have to be consumed in, and not knowing how I could pull off this miracle as even the house did not show until December 30th! It was wildly uncomfortable to be SO in the limbo and with so many potentials that could be a nightmare. But while in it, I really felt like I needed to walk the talk of this experience to help others who also are forced into taking the leap into the unknown.

So be with my story and experience and hold tight that things WILL WORK OUT for you. We all are in a bit of a mess in our lives where we clearly see what does not support us, but we are to use this as inspiration to dream for what would REALLY hold us in all the best ways. What I say about my new home is that my body feels SO GOOD HERE. Like, I have never lived what I am living right now, and it feels so supportive, easy, organic and friendly. Even my new landlord is 70 years old, born and raised in Taos, and has it in the lease that I am not allowed to spray toxic chemicals in the house or on the property! He would NEVER spray chemicals on these sacred lands – and neither would I. THIS is my kind of landlord!

You are going to be okay. You don’t need all the answers just yet. Just keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let go until it appears, like mine did, 2 days before deadline, with the signing of the lease happening on the day I had to be moved into a new home. If this could happen to me, your dream can happen for you too! So go to the mountain and pray. There IS help working to get you what you need. We just need to be very vocal in proclaiming what is NOT making us happy with our current state of things. You deserve it better. Go plant those powerful seeds.




MOON DEGREES: 20 Cancer  to 1 LEO (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:  1  5  6 



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.