saturday 4 september

WHAT A DAY. Just be aware that this can feel real intense and as if many things are coming up too much to process. But, we also lead into a very important New Moon in two days that is all about healing and finding the ways to balance what is just horribly erratic in its current state. Like wind blowing a curtain and whipping it around; if in a state of calm, it is just hanging there loving life. So, see that people can appear like curtains in the wind and you just need for this to settle still. Don’t get too stuck into any one thing being the final destination just yet.

There is so much movement today that it may feel hard to take things in. You are being asked to be like a child who knows that the elders are taking care of things and you just need to focus on playing more and being in this moment where you can listen to your heart and go on what you feel. It's important that you make space today to do creative things, where you just feel good doing them. Get out the sewing machine or dive into some creative project that puts your insides at ease. 

You have the power to decide how much you take in. You can load up your blender with 100 items and it will overflow and spew everywhere. Or, you can pick and choose and only fill it up with things you love to do, and then it will work out, and you’ll get a tasty drink to enjoy. So, think about this today and choose for you – and for what feels loving and enjoyable to do. 

It can be a great time to get together with others and really feel the support of community and sticking with things that you can really see and touch. So much has been created in fake forms where the front is not the reality. These things are palpable to us now and therefore social media is taking a plummet in how many people will allow it. We now will want silence and things that are right here in our spaces. We will be coming to social media in new ways where we only want to learn and contribute to what helps us feel like we can grow into a better form from what was being manipulated or steered into unsavory ways of seeing our position in life. This is going to create the great blossoming where we separate from the addictions and step into feeling more alive in what is the potential to grow into. Love is alive and it will save your day.





MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Chiron. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process

MOON DEGREES: 8 to 20 Leo




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