SATURDAY 26 November

AND reboot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO. Something really big just took place that is JUST like the Netflix movie, 1899!!!! You need to watch it as it SO GOOD. But we are now in a new 9 year cycle that deals with our beliefs sailing the way. I am being shown that we now are fully traveling with the lives we have decided to pack with us. Remember, last week there was mention of not taking something with you and really facing the pain of your past in a new way where we see it as provocation for what we NEXT want to put on the office coffee order, on our request for what we would like to next see. 

So. We have to really feel all the bullshit and all the things we say as, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH --- IN ORDER to really know what sort of coffee drink we want – and to really know the language of each detail we need. Coffee with skim milk versus Oatly Oat Milk is a whole other ride in life! One is dank and depressed from eating cows tortured and exploited for their milk, the other is abundant and lush and from a renewable source that grows from the soil. We need to walk a skim milk life in order to see that we want for the Oatly life. We need to be in all the corners and blocked from joy in order to see that we WANT FOR JOY. 

Nothing here has been out to hurt you and show that you are a loser and have made too many mistakes. NOTHING is about that on the Earth journey. Humans just manipulate you to think that and to stay locked in low vibing thoughts that literally DO block you from seeing into a new day and into there being some mysterious situations that are corners down the road that WILL be what we dream. 

To pine away in misery because you don’t have a proper lover yet is ridiculous. Why go low vibe when you really are just getting the impetus to define what you DO want. Why keep focusing on the stove burner that you accidently touched that now is causing you pain? Why keep seeing how upset you are that pain is what you feel? 

WHY NOT INSTEAD see this as NOW YOU KNOW, and now you will be more aware in your moments so that you don’t have to go through the pain that currently consumes you. We have to see what wrecks our systems and then bounce out of it with new visions of the rebuild and corrections to come. Be with the scavenger hunt of life on Earth and follow the signs as they greet you. 

In this new energy, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ANYTHING WITH YOU UNLESS YOU WANT TO. So ------------------- all your thoughts and wishes and feelings are now completely on the outside, and the world is going to go next level rapid in matching you to what you ARE and HOW YOU BELIEVE things to be. So if you think you are not worthy enough of all the magic our magnificent Universe and Great Mystery has to provide, then you will get what you think. See this as a WARNING and like, if you speed again, you will get a ticket and you will pay for the wrong you are doing. 

So hold and pack what you really want to take with you!!! This means high vibe thoughts all the way!!! It means morphing into the dreamer of all dreams and the being who works to see the good in things. What you believe, is what you are going to see. This new energy is NOT fucking around, so DON’T keep seeing so miserably. You were born for this time in history, and you signed up to be a pioneer of the New Earth energy. The test begins today, and it invites you to create with integrity.



MOON DEGREES: 6 to 20 CAPRICORN (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY: 1  6  7 




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