saturday 25 december

OKAY THEN!!! Holy moly. Today we will see full on collisions into bringing the truth and talking about how things from our past wounded us -- and how they were built on something wounded that we now can see is causing harm. Many of you have been bolted awake and will not be able to stop the expression of letting it be known that you are not happy about something and that you need this other way to be given love.

This is the final NO MORE where we experience things that affirm our scarcity fears and the ways we don’t believe in ourselves because others in our past did not treat us with care. And all the ways our lives are now tangled and in debt and in suffering are going to be where we are finally letting go and forgiving the pain so that we can rise again.

What many of you don’t know is that when we die, we come into this judgment day where WE see our whole lives and we can only move forward into heaven if WE forgive ourselves for what WE have done. And if you cannot, you stay in this space called limbo. I only know about this because someone who was in it for hurting me was in it for 30 years and came to me when he was released. He said, this is not about you forgiving me for what I have done, it's about ME forgiving myself for doing it to you.

When we die, we face it all – and there is no God that forgives you until YOU FORGIVE YOU. And limbo sits at the edge of our planet, hovering over our space, and it is creating the heavy and dense energies many of you are feeling BECAUSE SO MANY WHO DIE CANNOT FORGIVE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE when they face the music outside of the heartbeat ego.

We have to remember that we don’t get to hand off our shame to someone else to forgive us. We must make peace with all the harm we inflict and all the butterfly effects it creates. We are here to love and to treat things with care ESPECIALLY if they are wounded and needing repair. Since we all are wounded, we have to stop the cycles by doing the therapy work that gets us into the root of where we have misbehaved badly and uncover what even deeper got us to be this way.

The healing journey is how you forgive yourself for what truly you were here to experience and rise above. But it HURTS to see so much in hindsight that you would give your life to do over. Just know, it hurts you more in the afterlife if you don’t face it as it rises in you like waves that it will do. The healing journey takes decades, and it comes with peaks that you could never expect, triggers from people that set your inner child afire with chaos.

What you need to know is that you can just go and flow with it and you don’t need to take some super healing journey seminar or work on getting healed quicker. You just need to be open to wanting to forgive yourself and to staying in that humbled energy as you walk every step forward. That’s really all you got to do. To be compassionate with yourself as you strive to be that way with all. And with each time you fall and mess up again, it’s okay if you still are wanting to forgive yourself and be better from this.

If you haven’t watched the movie, The Shack, YOU MUST!!! This is a miracle of a movie because it is expressing exactly what is. What they show us is what is the reality on something we were getting wrong. -- 1. No one is going to forgive you until you do and until you walk the humble path that would never do the same injustice again. -- 2. God is love and there is no face for us to see as the face of God because it is The Great Mystery. -- 3. God is love and there is no need for God fearing Christians. The correction needs to be God loving Christians.


25 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune.


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 12 to 24 Virgo



#15 Wound Support.

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