saturday 23 october

Oh hello S A T U R D A Y!


This energy is going to hit you all in different ways. But there are 2 paths here and one is going to be where you are connecting with others, and this is somehow helping you to see into old patterns that now you feel you no longer want to do.

There will be this exhilaration in the air where you are stoked and can't put your finger on what changed, but you will notice that you are hopeful and thinking about getting down to business with something and really getting to the bottom of what stands in your way. This is a great day for many. It also can be where you switch so quickly, and you don’t expect it until it hits you.

Now, others are feeling very mentally strained and confused in thoughts that others are holding you back or there is some limitation that will keep you from getting to your goals safely. This is all mental abuse space and it’s where you can really hold yourself back because the thoughts in your head are going negative, and this space is addictive because it has a charge that makes us think we want more of it. 

Many things that are bad for us also feel sort of thrilling to experience. Like, racing to a friend to talk negative about another person. Something about it feels exciting to share big scoops and to see others become convinced of what you deliver. But often it's the very thing that keeps our lives from moving next levels – because it's not high vibe to talk low vibe about others. It just never is. It’s high vibe to talk neutral about those we consider low vibe in their ways – but we don’t get to talk about the nasty we see in others and have it not impact our own futures. 

It is a secret on Karma Earth. As you vibe higher, even the most disruptive and low vibing zombies still just cause a neutral reaction in you – because – you are what you think. And to hate another is to vote for hating your own future. So no matter what, no matter how vile the acts, how full of injustice the view, STILL, we are to learn to breathe deeply with it and stay focused on getting through what would otherwise cause us to use words and vibe things that are NOT what we want more of in our lives. 

These moments now are when you are to change the course and switch gears into something that really is good to the core. Enough of talking like we are Goddesses and then walking like we are heathens. Enough of talking like we are Christians and then walking like we are demons. It’s time to wake up to all is one and one is all. What you plant, you grow. What you talk about, you sow. If your mind is hateful, your life will be too. Don’t be mean when you are mad about how your life is not what you dreamed. INSTEAD, talk kinder about others and what you think is beneath you – because if you still talk it in negative ways, it IS you too and it will be what you see more of in your future.



23 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Nodes. Mercury. Saturn.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 1 to 10 Gemini



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