saturday 16 october

Oh hello S A T U R D A Y!


Good morning my beauties! So today is gonna feel real deep and as if you are sensing something and it makes you want to change what you thought you would do. Actually, today you are being given permission to go with the flow and to absolutely stop if you suddenly feel off in any way. 

This day is a great teacher because I can feel that if you ignore your feelings and try to not upset others you can end up in situations that really show you harm or show you something that goes really wrong. Like, one of those days you then say, I knew it! Yes, that was a sign. Yes, that existential feeling was telling you to not go and not participate and not continue on as you had planned.

You also may feel real low and off and won't really feel comfortable doing anything. It may have you walking around in a slump, even though you won't be able to put your fingers to what the problem is. Be aware that this is a great signpost that you are about to come up with a brilliant insight. It may be that you finally lighten up on a load you had committed to and will see that letting go provides more time to catch up or to do the things you love. 

From letting go, you will see that there is some other deep surrendering and compassionate way you are to travel. This also means that as you soften up on yourself for not feeling wonderful or not doing as others want you to do, you will be downloaded with what inspires you to now see you CAN trust the feelings you get. 

Rewards are coming to let you know that if you surrender into the mystery of life, only going on how things feel to you, you will arrive into solutions that will expand your life and get you wanting to live again. The energy on the way is to get you feeling the energy of when we first fall in love. Where nothing is a care, and all is soooo beautiful. 

From feeling lost and uncomfortable, we surrender and find the solution. Then we feel high from what we weren’t even seeing or considering before. So, blessings, they be a rising. And now you just got to let go and see how things blossom. We are to look out and expect the best situations to find us, because we ARE being found – but we won’t know it until it blasts into us.

This is a great day to get to the mountains or get to the ocean or get to a park and just meander as you focus inward and with quiet moments. As you can see, answers are on the way. And it means we need the head space to allow them. Don’t think you are the boss – let go and open to a higher power helping you at this time.


16 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Nodes. Venus.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling

MOON DEGREES: 3 to 15 Pisces



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