Oh hello!!! It’s my birthday!!!! And I feel GREAT! BUT – Do know we are fully in old elements of our life as they rise to the surface for us to say HELL NO about what now feels like it holds us back. Many of you will feel tired today and exhausted by old patterns that keep repeating. There may have been situations that have shocked you at how they are moving you to process your life in new ways.

Be okay in these heavier energies and know that you are letting go of someone or something -- and it IS going to bring new light into your life. We are facing hard truths about what is manipulative or not as high vibe as it would like to see itself as. And what I know is that to see how healed we actually are, we need to be dealt experiences where we don’t get our way. The person that shows up in THAT situation is the truth of where you are on the healing journey. And MOST PEOPLE have darkness inside in that their instant response is to want to hurt others.

WE HAVE to get over wanting to inflict pain because it is the manifester of a life of future pain to PERSONALLY experience. We don’t get to just wish hurtful things on another without that energy going into what will be what we will then walk. This is why we are to always go to our somatic response and to make it where there is room for improvement or an upgrade or some solution that breaks down the resistance we feel when we think our needs are not being met as WE think we need things to be – or when another is fighting with us and trying to pull out our own darkness inside. That plunge to the gut is to be when we shoot our arrow to there being SOME way out of this as long as we hold love in the heart and good visions for a positive eventual outcome.

It is HARD to be so high vibe when low vibes are like swords coming your way, BUT that is the ultimate test in life! We are to do EVERYTHING to not hold hatred and to not destroy others because our egos are so rigid in wanting to control or bully others into submission. What I most know about life, now that I am 52 and now living through my North Nodes, is that when things are supposed to work, they do. Things that are for us feel good and they come together in harmony.

We are addicted to making things work and trying to squish the square into the circle – and that is the problem. When we start things in this way, we are inevitably going to have to deal with something down the road that starts to feel like an F grade. We are learning to get over forcing things to work as we think they need to be and instead truly surrendering and ONLY going towards what feels loving and bubbly in our bodies.

TO GET TO the wonderful life situations that come organically, we are tested with situations trying to get us to go dark and hurtful. They are always JUST A TEST -- and we are in one around these days, so expect to feel triggered into showing up as someone you do not want to be. And DO NOT go low like you have done in your past. Do NOT treat others as if they are beneath you JUST BECAUSE they don’t agree with you. Do your all to trust that things are rolling along as they should and the whole point is in trying to get you to pass this test and to really be the love that you want others to see you as.

This is an opportunity to level up -- and to get to the new sweet lands you have got to stop being a human who wants anyone or anything to experience more pain – EVEN IF others ARE wanting YOU to be hurt by their actions. You cannot control another into being conscious and stopping their wound reactions, but you can control yourself. So be a good human and breathe deeply and patiently with any low vibes flowing in to tempt you into following. If it is coming in low and mean, do not repeat what you see!




MOON DEGREES: 4 to 16 Scorpio (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  2  3 



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.