saturday 11 december

Okay loves. The theme changes today, and it deals with many people finally starting to move towards something that was first planted with the Solar Eclipse last Saturday. This day is when we are going back to some old situation but are coming from it with a renewed sense of purpose or gusto. It's when something is finally clear, and the sounds are alarming that it's time to reach for and start walking as if this IS the new path for you.

Now, there is a slow start to this day, so expect to pick up speed right before evening hits and for it to inspire you for all you want to do tomorrow. This is exciting news because it means that some cloud is finally starting to lift and a new path is revealing that IS possible and IS something that will need you working your way through it, but this is happening and all signs are saying YES.

Also, be aware that inspiration is coming from troubling situations that push us into surrendering because we have no idea what to do or how to get around it. It also may be that others are swirling around you with high drama, and this is what pushes you away and into a surrendering space. But from some emptying out, where you may think all is lost or you are not going to rise above some challenges, is what brings the inspiration that lets you know it is time to go. So, if you are still in the darkness and waiting for the light, stay there and don’t move until you feel some inner siren that will come with a feeling like, this is it, and it is now, or never.

Also, we are going to notice a larger divide in people waking up and working to walk the love, and people mad and angry and blaming everyone else for everything. It will be where you pass someone who feels so good to be around and then someone else who is caustic, with so much buried rage at things that they were programmed to hate. This also will show up as energy where we are able to see who is still being conned by the system and who is rising into a new awareness about what is possible and what we need to do to bring peace.

100%, those that are taken by the system are going to be what you most need to guard yourself from because the way people were afraid that the covid vax would spread covid to others is what is happening now with people still hooked into the system of hate and fear. It is contagious and it will be important that you are dropping patterns, like watching the news, which is orchestrated to turn you into a certain sort of low vibing raging human – attacking those behind you, or that are different from you, while giving total praise to those with money and influence. Which, when you have money you can position yourself as an authority – but it doesn’t mean they really are.

The illusion is at an all-time high BECAUSE of how many light beings are following the love and doing all they can to not contribute to more hate. It will be like you are a living thing and they are the walking dead and they thrive off of your high vibes. So be aware of where you stand and with whom. Love is here to get you choosing for a better dream to manifest and to stop chasing the programmed way that keeps you talking negative and thinking everyone is your enemy. The only enemy is the one that preaches hate.


11 December 2021



MOON PHASE: start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 22 Pisces to 4 Aries


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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