Moon Phase Report: 25 to 30 January

Moon Phase Report: 3rd QUARTER MOON 25 January.

This week is perfect in that we go into our two week period of being pulled back into ourselves where we don’t notice others as much because our own issues grow stronger and in need of processing. This is when we stop and look back at all the changes and moves from the last two weeks. It's when we are usually sleepy and disoriented as the car shifts from drive to reverse. And -- we start this week with the Moon in Scorpio AND Mercury Retrograde, which is all about taking us deeper and into the depth in order to discover the key that moves us forward and gets us manifesting a better life. This work is all mental right now because ultimately the mental is what shapes your whole life!

This week we are REALLY READY to do the work and face what we need to heal as many of you will be feeling it like life and death, or where information is now here that gets you seeing that things are fleeting, and we can't count on much. It is forcing us to be resilient and to tune our bodies to an ultimate trust that believes the universe WILL provide.

The point of our lessons are just that we need to control our mental spaces and feed them what empowers us to do more and to seek for solutions in all that is out of balance. Life is smothering us in discord or things hidden, and they DO weigh so much SO THAT we see we HAVE to face what is broken as it is the only way to discover the key that lightens the next leg of our journey. If we pass this by, and keep running from what needs us to face this, we continue the patterns that keep our systems operating towards the old world ways.

We must face the music and deal with what is debt in our path that is the knot that is keeping our lives from running smoothly. We can run from what we need to face, but it keeps returning in cycles. What we don’t realize is that the challenge is just a testing gateway that either continues us in one pattern OR it elevates us to a higher space where the test is passed. The point is, YES, it's hard because it's a test. And if you keep running from pain you stay in the same story playing out over and over UNTIL a week like this one where we finally surrender and face the block in the road, that knot that has grown so tight, and the people who need you drawing boundaries around what you do or do not feel is acceptable.

Your feelings are growing stronger because the way of the old world now feels like it is crushing the life out of people. And it can feel so overwhelming to see how wrong things are being run and how much we have been supporting systems that now we see were dominating us into a certain form.

Don’t be down on the clean up job because it is creating new views that will offer opportunities for all. You ARE who you are supposed to be, living in the place, with the skin color, with the age, with the money struggles, with the anger issues, with the stories that molded you into what you see today. It ALL has a purpose and the struggles we face are part of the journey that gets us working our way out of the sludge that keeps us dating the abuser or going for what keeps us buying into the fears we are programmed to believe in. The divisions were created to get you fighting and seeing that fighting is okay. But inside of all of us there is a new way we want things to be and it's getting us fired up to get into position and DO MORE with having less and loving more because we find ourselves chasing what is valuable and what we see is becoming a dream we wish to bring into our realities.

Be gentle on yourself this week and be in the position of the student who is feeling their way through the experience so that you can talk the walk. But also position yourself in a new classroom where you are being taught to have infinite belief in the possibilities to come. Trust that what you see is what stands in the way and blocks you from accessing parts of your brain that keep you wired to old world ways. You are the landline and New Earth is the smartphone. Imagine that at one time there was only the landline and then it went cordless and then it went cellphone and then it went smartphone.

You are now in school and what you see is landline material that isn’t going to understand the commands you speak in smartphone. So you have to face where you are in the past and not REALLY walking the talk of how you want to see the change. What stops you needs you keeping it real and dancing with a more positive perspective in what you see manifesting. All relationships are to come to new levels where we stand up more and stop staying quiet when we hear things that are old world, like girls can't do that, or boys shouldn’t cry, or you are too old to find love or live your creative dreams.

All the limitation IS to sting because it IS the wrong belief for you to buy into. What pulls you into misery is just getting you to see for another way that you aren’t going to understand until you agree and dive deeply into what needs healing. This week see that all situations need you diving deep and working to show yourself in a higher light. This is the rebuild. You lead the way. In two weeks, you will take a new step forward. Allow what rises this week to be what gets you singing a new song with the New Moon. Allow the mystery to rise from darkness and trust that you won't see what you need to see until it is there. Before it arrives, you will be confused. So, love the confusion and be excited for what magical insight is on the way. We ARE moving into discoveries and ideas for new plans of the rebuild. And they ALL will be inspired from dark times. You can trust this FOR SURE.

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This resonated so much! Reading it post yesterday, but it all makes so much sense!! Thank you x

Johannah January 26, 2022

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