MONDAY 9 January

Today is all about YOU valuing yourself and making decisions around knowing that your needs matter. This is when you are to put yourself forward and even shake things up by going against the grain. But DO KNOW we are still in this space where we are letting something go in order to manifest a new view. So it may be that you are letting go of your ego in thinking you need to be right or on top or the winner, and in doing so, a bounty will find you. We can get into nasty tug of wars when our ego is leading the way. But when we let that all go and NOT need to be the last word or the last punch, we wake up to seeing that none of that really matters. The ego leads you down roads that will need you backtracking and redoing what you just did. The egoic way could be seen as the one that is money focused or needing to inflate ones position so as to feel good inside or to recognize self-worth. But the ego is a balloon, and it will pop eventually.

I have to share my next leg of where I have been with this litigation and claims by the last landlord I had from September to December. I have never even been to court but could have hired a lawyer to sue them because of the numerous things they have done, like keeping my belongings, entering when I was still moving out, deceiving me over the spraying of toxic chemicals, when my windows were wide open, not following the rules of the packaging, which they broke several, including, spraying into the air and going higher than 3 feet. They broke SO MANY RULES that I can absolutely win in court. I have a GREAT case in fact.

BUT. The other night, I was sitting in meditation, and gazing out my big picture windows that show the best views in all of the Taos area, and it hit me that I would rather do what I need to do to get OUT of this situation, than give away more of my precious life and time to fighting someone who is fighting through their ego in wanting to hurt me because I hurt her by calling her out on all the lies she has done. This landlord gaslights like the best of them, and my nature NEVER falls for that sort of manipulation. But with this case, I was like, I am too valuable with too much important work to do to give away my energy and time to someone who doesn’t deserve a thing from me. In staying with the case, I stay with this woman and will have to think about her all the time! It suddenly hit me that it would be better to pay a little money and drop the litigation, rather than fight it for months and stay aligned with this woman who has been rubbing me raw since the 2nd week of living in her rental unit.

And when I finally saw what I needed to do, there was such a load lifted off my shoulders! I mean, lordy, I just manifested a dream home, in the most dreamiest location, with a landlord that is just like the one I had in Santa Fe who was like my uncle. He even looks just like my old landlord! But I got this amazing life now, and do I want to stay pressed to “getting even” or fighting back with someone who is hell bent on wanting to hurt me in any way they can, just like I saw from my mother growing up? Or, is it better to be the bigger person and just let it all go and surrender?

We all are facing our addictions to money and how they control our lives, and this was a perfect example to show that it is more loving and honoring OF ME to just do what I need to do to GET OUT OF THIS and not to be in my ego in fighting to be on top. When I surrendered, I saw how good it actually feels to NOT need to fight to be right and to instead allow the powers that be that generate karma from our actions to apply justice to the situation. I already manifest back whatever anyone gives to me, so my body alone will equalize the situation through life events. Like, letting this go will open the money flood gates to come back to me in other ways, and it will take from the landlord in other ways.

The old world way is to dominate you into submission and to WANT to hurt other people if they are not abiding by your wishes. The new world way is to allow things to be, and to trust that there is a higher lesson to the teachings of our life experiences, but to NEVER want to inflict harm on anyone else. It is NEVER high vibing to want others to experience pain – and this sort of action is a sure bet that one needs to get into therapy to examine WHY they manifested someone who brings out their darkest shadow sides. If you want to go low, you need to look at yourself and ask, WHY – and is it REALLY worth it to hold those vibrations in your body?

So whichever side of the coin you currently find yourself, don’t fight anyone else who is not giving you what you expect, and instead see how you can surrender in NOT needing to be the one who is RIGHT, as in might makes right, and then open to what this is teaching you. For me, when I focused on self love and valuing my time, I saw clearly that I am worth more than what the landlord wants to monetarily take from me. And YOU are worth more than the time you would lose fighting anyone who wants to hurt you. Love yourself and the answer you seek will be clear.




MOON DEGREES: 14 to 25 LEO (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:  1 7  8  



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