monday 8 november

Good morning sweet beauty! OKAY THEN! Today really continues the theme of yesterday – but here come the tests to see if you really DO get it and see that it is time to change your ways. So. Expect to hit a bit of a pothole on the road and for it to suddenly get you thinking in your old ways or where you quickly see that you are a loser, and your dreams WON’T come to be. Notice that you DO get yanked down and start to think defeat. 

But trust that this is a test to check if you really do value yourself like you have been working on seeing. From true value, the potholes are merely things to work around – and not game changers or reasons to lose our faith ONCE AGAIN. See that it is getting old to always cave on the support you feel for yourself. It's getting old because it was built on flimsy ideals that were puffed up expressions trying to hide the reality of your wounds. 

Face with truth that you HAVE been done wrong – by others who were done wrong – by others who were done wrong. We ALL sit in the healing journey. And what shifts most of you today is just feeling how you don’t want to stay where ALL are accepting wound reactions as okay. It is NOT okay to talk words in your head like you hate yourself and your precious life that hangs by the thread of a heartbeat. You are BARELY HERE – and to discount that or focus in defeatist ways is unacceptable. And you all are to feel cagey from those thoughts and from REINFORCING that you are not good enough. It can hit you hard today that you do not want to do this anymore. That you really are ready to step into a new habit in how you appraise your journey. 

What I know is that hard roads bring better scenes. It is the challenging journey that brings us the rewards of our wildest dreams. 100%. So settle into truth and rebuild what feels collapsed and not working. Don’t think like this is the end – see that this is just a wakeup call getting you to pay attention. We don’t get to snooze in life. Being angry at your circumstances is snoozing. So wake up and face things head on. Talk wiser with yourself and be very cautious of toxic thoughts holding presence in your body! Would you put dirty oil from your car in a corner of your garden? No! So don’t put dirty thoughts in parts of your garden that are still growing. See that if you think it in your head, it's planting in your crop. Wake up to this reality! It hurts your future to talk hurtful things in the present. Only speak in diminishing ways if you want to also see your future diminish along with the tone that you preach.



8 November 2021

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 4 to 17 Capricorn


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #7 Settle into truth. #12 Self Love.

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