MONDAY 6 March

So. Let’s get deeper into grading our lives! We are all working to bring more joy into our day to day experiences and I discovered that it's really fun to play with grades in order to see what needs to be let go of and what we need to add more of. So. Go through your life and give everything an A if you love it and a D if it's a huge load on the shoulders. The energies that are building are getting us to value ourselves and our time. But before we step into honoring collaborations and situations, we first have to grade what we have said yes to in our past because most likely some things started as an A, but they may have dropped to a C or a D. Think about marriage or falling in love and how it can feel like an A+ but then over the months or years, or towards a pending divorce, and then the grade drops.

So respect that we all change and just because you loved something in your past does not mean you will always love it. We are cultivating new spaces within our lives that really do bring us more happiness. Currently, we are seeing what holds us back or what feels like we just strapped on 30 pounds of bricks to complete it. I remember when I was younger and the idea of sitting down with my journal to write things out was always an A+. The idea of finally being able to sit down with my thoughts was SO exciting. But I never do that now! I haven’t written in a journal in a decade, and I write so much for work that I don’t even enjoy it anymore. Sitting at the keyboard is a D for me now. I don’t like moving my fingers this way and focusing on trying to not make grammatical errors. It has become something that doesn’t bring me joy and it is a load of bricks to complete.

But it became this, and it was not always this because at one point I LOVED IT. I have been doing these daily readings now for over 7 years!!! And just like the 7 year itch, I AM looking to other areas that feel like the fun of when I first started these. And that is where grading our lives comes in! SO. I want you to look at all the things you do. Like cooking for me is an A, but when I was younger it was a D! Birth Chart Books were a D for the past 7 years, where before they were an A, and NOW they are an A again! Sewing was a C after I got a degree in Fashion Design, but now it's an A again. I used to LOVE posting and managing my social pages but now that job has dropped to a D.

And I discovered something really important because I was grading these daily readings as a C – because I really don’t get any joy from doing them anymore. I also, as you can tell, am shifting into teaching, and that’s why the readings have been getting longer and going in the direction of really working to change your view and get you seeing particular things. Then when it got to judging the New and Full Moon readings, I gave those a D. So, upon first glance, you could see that those readings are a NO, and these readings are still a MAYBE. BUT --- days later it hits me that if I DON’T do these readings, the New and Full Moon Readings become a B!! They are only a D at the thought of there being EVEN MORE readings to do after doing daily readings, which already exhaust me.

So that is the takeaway key that I want you to sit with! There are D’s in your life that are painful because of OTHER THINGS, and upon removing those, the D’s MAY become B’s. You may say cooking is a D because you work a job that is also a D, and everything then feels like a D in your life. If the job changes into a B, other things may change too! We need to be open to seeing that we may be ONE MOVE away from happiness -- and we find those moves from grading our obligations. We have to add in more A’s so that we can see what really is a D and what needs to be transformed or released.

So ultimately the first step after grading is finding more A’s to add into our lives – as THAT is how we release/transform the D’s and F’s. I would say maintaining the home used to be a D for me as I never had an interest in keeping things super tidy or working on home repair projects. BUT NOW, I love to clean, and this house inspires me to always be working on beautifying my space. I sweep every single day (finished concrete floors are the best at showing what is there!!) and that has NEVER happened before. So home things are an A for me now (can't wait for garage sales!!!!) and therefore when I focus HERE I grow clarity in seeing what is a D and what needs to NOT be taking all of my time and energy.

I will be updating you soon on readings because things are changing for me. But they are upgrading into two options that are A’s and B’s in my life currently and therefore they will impact you more! I am forever walking what you will be walking too. So get to grading when you start feeling like your balance is off. Play around with shuffling things – but ultimately honor the energetic pull that your jobs have on you. To have some D’s is not the worst thing, but they do need to be surrounded by A’s for you to not notice the heavy weight of low grades. My new rule is 10 hours a week of C’s and D’s only. Then everything else is an A or B and it feels like fun. Follow my lead. You can create the same. Grade your way to joyful days.




MOON DEGREES: 2 to 13 Virgo (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  6  7



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