Monday 31 October

Okay then! Today is HEAVY DUTY and everyone will be operating in a frazzled state. This is highly frustrating energy that will have people acting out and also surprising you with what they do. Expect the unexpected, but for it to possibly give you a headache because it is too much to process. There also will be too many people at all the same places as this is another element frustrating everyone. Be super careful on the road today because egos have the foot to the pedal, and they do NOT want anyone in their way. This means all road blocks can send people into extreme anger because they weren’t expecting anything to throw them off their plans. There actually will be accidents and road work that touches most people today. It’s like we can’t run from everyone else wanting to run faster and get to their destinations with no none affecting their flow. It will be really hard to NOT be touched by the erratic energy of this last day of October.

Now. If you do feel super low and like you just want to die because life is SO challenging, do what you can to keep pushing the ball forward without getting so overwhelmed by all the pieces still needing to be completed. You can FOR SURE beat yourself up because you don’t feel like you are far enough in life or there are still too many things to accomplish. Our life is a slow work in progress that needs us seeing up the mountain to where we want to be WITHOUT getting down on how far that journey appears. Be patient as you appraise your life and know that there is ALWAYS somewhere to still grow into. You are not too far gone or with too many mistakes in your past. Deep breaths today and know things DO shift tomorrow!

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