monday 27 december

Good morning! Now. We are officially in the 2nd coming of Christ Consciousness. From this point on we move into a space that lasts for several more months where we will be driven to face what is backed up and causing other things to not be moving along as they are supposed to. It's when we will confront injustice as we will feel new energy inside of us that no longer wants to hide from organic discomfort or chase fame by employing drugs and manipulation.

MANY people are stepping into recovery at this time where they have hit the rock bottom and are opening to seeing how they were conned into thinking something was wrong with their journey in the first place. The new energy is about going slow but doing things correct the first time. No more placing something temporary that we feel will bring us results today that we have to pay back later. Many of you will even be looking at your debt or loans and will feel a new determination to get out from under the trap.

What this energy is doing is that it's filling our hearts with gold so that we can remember who we are and not be so susceptible to following everyone else around as if they are to be the authority of you JUST because they pay more to be positioned as a leader or appear to be more put together. With 2022 we lose a lot of the fronts as things will collapse that are not built on solid ground and with integrity. We were conned to make money and attention the main goals, and things built that way are in potential for great change.

If you are noticing your position shift, just stay committed to doing what is right and falling backwards as far as you need to go so as to make the corrections being asked of you. Don’t allow your mind to get confused or to think you need an answer right now. The only stance you need to take is that you NEED THIS TEACHING and whatever is turning you into a rolling stone is because something was going to hurt your future and you need to move along in order to get to something more valuing of you. Use discipline in getting your mind to see the light and to not see that you are too wounded, and things too broken for repair. That is not the truth! And, if you are pushed into a position that has too much to think about, see that this is a test for you, and it is only happening to see if you will stand up for your future, even when you feel lost and out of control, but will still CHOOSE to believe that a miracle is around the corner. The energy just wants you making space for some wonderful potential that you will be working for. It is teasing you to see if you go low or go high. It’s just a test to see how you respond. We will be getting heap loads of these for months to come – and we WILL be worked into better shape so that we stop muddying up our future with fear and regret and judgment too harsh for what we really deserve.

About 10 years ago I said, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we saw someone homeless or in need and we would have to race people to get to the person because so many would be waking up and wanting to offer care. Well. That is what has been birthed into our energy, which is more loving attention to what is wounded, and less attention to superficial success and ignoring those in need because we don’t want to have to deal with it. This is happening out in the world and also inside your body. So be kind with yourself and know that loving support is on the way. You are NOT alone and will NOT be left out in the cold. A new troop of love walkers is about to awaken and get into position.


27 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron. Moon/Mercury.

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Mercury.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 8 to 21 Libra



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