Oh moon! We love when you go new in Pisces and get us REALLY feeling what is going on in our lives. This is when you will notice so many people feeling overwhelmed and DONE with the struggles or pain or drama that OTHERS are going through. This is to be a time when you need to get space and do your own thing because you need to rejuvenate and get back to a grounded state.

Be aware. This energy will NOT feel good to most of you. It always tends to take people to emotions that they weren’t really facing OR to situations that don’t sit well inside your body. This is when you will speak about feeling things that are not necessarily out in the open, but they will cause you to stop and pull back because something about it bothers you. Do know this is NOT something you are to just sweep under the rug or convince yourself that what you feel is not important or valid. IN FACT, what you feel is the truth and there IS something there. If you are in a puddle of confusing emotions and strong feelings towards NOT LIKING what you see, and it’s happening around this day, you ARE feeling the truth. And you just need to be with the feelings and allow them to guide you towards where you need to come out of the shadows or speak.

Do meditative things today, like cleaning the house or organizing, because they will help settle what is going on in your body. We need to be moving our bodies as we assimilate and digest what appears to be toxic to our systems. This is not about shame or blame cast to others because this IS an inside job wanting us to make new decisions about how things feel to us. So we need our emotions amplified so that we really see how they affect us and also push us in the gutter where likely we find fault with ourselves.

When we are learning to say NO to things, we first go back and question if we really should have stopped what was in forward motion. But the more you choose for the way of your feelings, the more you know for fact that if you aren’t feeling something good, it’s not the best thing for you to be doing. We have had our feelings hijacked and have been manipulated to not making stinks or going against whatever wishes are already in place. We are programmed to say or think and then do, but often, there is a wait in the equation that actually gets us to our best destinations.

So allow your body to feel something and stay open to what this means. As we are learning, 99% of what you see out there is just a front and not what it appears to be all the way through and through. People are hollow chocolate easter bunnies because they are quick to fabricate and replicate, and they ultimately, first and foremost, chase either money or fame, or both. But what we really want are the solid chocolate bunnies, that not only TRULY embody their wisdom, but they also are there because they want to make a difference. The secret ingredient to being a solid bunny is that you want to give back to those who are behind you in line instead of in front of you in line. Most people with excessive money would never think of donating to help people behind them, and rather, it goes to their college or their political affiliation or to investments where they will get their money back. But rarely are their thoughts of wanting to give back to those disenfranchised and needing the leaders to turn around and provide assistance.

Pisces is about caring for the underdog and wanting to see equality. And what we most have in this world is nothing even close to equal positions. The rich grew OVER 50% richer during covid because they exploited every opportunity and every trend. Just like how the spiritual community was hijacked by corporate minded business people over the past few years – where they have no background in actually walking this work or you don’t even know who they really are as they hide behind a WE that created this space.

So it is to be expected that you don’t feel at home in the world and are drowning in all the corruption that is basically hurting us all. Even with spirituality, you can only come to awareness ONE TIME – as in the first time it hits your system. So if you gobble it all up now, thinking it will provide the answers and bring you peace, guess again. Actually, it will fill you up now, but you won’t have anything to fill you later – so you are actually carving out an empty future that COULD have been filled with organic consciousness movements.

We all want to learn and to know it all, thinking it is the answer to our inner discontent, but true joy and bliss comes from a life in surrender and trust as a CO-CREATOR with the Great Mystery. So unplug from chasing in all the ways you think you can learn life from others. If they aren’t really in service to the peoples, they are spreading encouragement that only affects you on the surface, and you WILL need more because it’s like popcorn and it wont actually sustain you over time. What I have seen from people is that chasing wisdom will have you always needing to chase it, just like with heroin. So it is best if you quiet down, stop doing what makes you feel not good enough, and stop giving your power to people who are in it for the business of it. It's time to go towards what is in it for the love of it. There is a different tone and your body will let you know.




MOON DEGREES: 1 to 15 Pisces (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.