MONDAY 16 January

Today is all about emptying out and finding yourself a bit disoriented as we wait for a shift of energy that comes tonight or tomorrow! We were delayed in another shift YET AGAIN because of people coming together in ways where they repeat patterns of disempowerment -- instead of empowering things to change. This is leaving many of you in slumps of energy pits that were created by people pulling others in. This has been happening since the middle of 2022 where upgrades have been on the way, but we keep getting distracted by EACH OTHER and WE are not able to absorb what needs to come into our systems.

This is ALL human based and it’s being shown to me like we are cars on the road, but other cars keep crashing into us and changing where we WERE headed and thought we would already be. This also makes me think of swimming, and if someone is drowning, they are more likely to also pull the people down who are trying to save them. FOR THIS REASON, be gentle with yourself and where you thought you would be. If people keep wrecking their cars into your path, TRUST that something is here that needs to be in order to get you going in a better fashion or function or lane or direction.

We have to trust that all the people that keep us from having calm and organized lives are there for us to process what will still be in our future -- as others are always going to be sharing space with us too! It is just that people are LOUD now and full of judgments that ultimately are deeply held fears of shame and blame from others casting that light THEIR way too. An abuser was first abused. A bully was first bullied. We first saw something and now we throw it like a knife towards others who bring us back to the discomfort of what we saw in our past.

We are learning HARD lessons around the HURT we express and the damage we do to others BECAUSE of how we have been wounded or when we feel we are not getting our way. There is a mean spirit in all of you that is testing you to NOT GO THERE – to not allow your own body to vibrate hurtful things that you hope OTHERS will have to experience. It is unfathomable that we would EVER put ourselves in the position to cast shade or to actually relish in the pain that others are going through. But it is the ultimate Earth Walk test – and every one of you has gone there – but is now learning to allow that to be a past situationship where you now work to heal YOUR OWN inner discord so as to not project it and constantly only see in others what is obviously inside of you too.

We see what we are. If you see something ugly, don’t be so quick to only think it is outside of you -- because doing so is going to pull you smack dab into what IS a part of you for the purpose of getting you to see that what you throw out there is what you will swim in too. And NEXT we are to learn to shield ourselves from Tasmania devils thrashing about in anger wanting to take us out as they take themselves out too. Part 1 is about NOT contributing to more pain for others to experience -- and part 2 is about NOT taking on what others are trying to pull you in because misery loves company. We are in a tight walk through a cave BUT it shifts lovingly tomorrow or the next day! Keep your head above the water and keep your thoughts on LOOKING AT YOURSELF and NOT only the other.




MOON DEGREES: 10 to 23 SCORPIO (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:  1  5  6 



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.