monday 11 october

Oh hello M O N D A Y!


Good morning sweet love! Okay. This day is very galactically charged. It is all about us awakening to how we are receiving what we put out there and believe to be true. It is awakening us to seeing what an enormous process is playing out in the world, and in each one of you, but that it correlates and connects and is what it  needs to be in order to move us all into the Age of Aquarius awareness. 

From pain, we rise into higher positions. From wounds and scars, we are made more beautiful when healing takes place. There is a huge burn scar on the Taos Mountain that happened about a decade ago on Native Lands. And as you drive along, what used to be only green from trees, now shows color from shrubs. As we move into autumn the trees are changing as we speak, and each day new colors appear. But without the initial burn, we would never have known there to be other colors showing through because the trees dominated the space. So, we are to awaken to the truth that there is no scar too deep or too devastating. What breaks us is what builds us more powerful. 

Just like how you all know that I NEVER talked crystals before I was awakened to their actual power. I didn’t feel a thing from them until this one day when I held a handful of Staurolite from Taos. And it was so powerful that it changed a big part of my career focus. Now -- I am all about sharing the power of crystal combinations. 

BUT – for my whole career before now, you only heard me talk about crystals needing to be in the ground as they were a part of the computer of Earth. For a decade in my career, you have never heard me encourage you to support purchasing crystals. But when I woke to their power, it got me changing that tune! Now, I want YOU working with the crystals and us adapting around this violation and using what is available because of things we can't control. Now, I want to get as many crystals as I can, to cleanse them in a stream on the Taos Mountain, and to charge them with the high vibes of this area – and then get them to you. They actually cry and come alive when they touch the water! It wakes them up like the thing at the hospital that charges your heart to start beating again.

So. See this. Yes, we have to face things done wrong, done without our approval and done with dark intentions. BUT. Just like someone who was sexually abused, it doesn’t mean they are crystals that we should not purchase and support.

Rather, we need to purchase those ones and give them all the love so they can shine their true gifts in our life. Crystals were supposed to stay in the ground, but they are out now, so we must love them and give them massive attention. We were sexually abused, but we are talking about it now, and we must give our healing journey love and massive attention.

What was broken, becomes more powerful and beautiful like the colors from the burn scar on Taos Mountain. When you can trust the process, while allowing no judgment on right or wrong, you will be where you need to be and will see that there are always more sides to stories, but that your job is to see for the beauty and for the colors that will one day be. Understandings come when it's time to settle into truth – just as what happened to me when holding Staurolite that first time. 

But 100% I had NO IDEA IT WOULD HAPPEN. It was a surprise just as all your next big moves will be too. Trust and follow and seek for better in all that can be. Keep your eyes on the farthest point, and dream it to be where things will make you happy.


11 October 2021


MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 24 Sagittarius to 7 Capricorn


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be

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