MAY 4 | Wednesday

So -- this is a warning day that HOPES you passed the tests of yesterday! If you were not able to move away from the waves coming at you from others, then today can really have you feeling lost and confused and wanting to understand why you keep falling for these situations that are CLEARLY tests asking you to value yourself more and NOT give of your space just because others want to dump their loads on someone.

We are to realize that JUST BECAUSE there is a door at the end of the hallway that piques our interest, doesn’t mean it will behoove us to open this and sneak at what is tempting us to bite. There is something in our lives that needs us putting ourselves and our energy first so that we aren’t getting ruined by too much information or not enough boundaries VALUING that we aren’t to take it all on, and that some things DO need to stay out of our attention. If someone leaves an unlocked phone, you could be tempted to go look at what is private – OR you could use your discipline to honor that this is their thing and it’s not for you to violate any boundaries JUST BECAUSE it’s here and available.

Consider that you will be tempted to go low and do something that is not kind or what you would want others to do with you. Be higher in moving along and letting something go where you don’t do what in your past you have done and DID regret. It’s when we are to see that not everything is good for us and that we CAN pick our battles and pass on things that don’t feel valuing. We also are to pass on something and THEN see a reward that shows us we made the best decision – even if it did confuse us or get us almost falling back into old patterns. You can say no, and you can be a better person in processing what does have a lot of mystery around it.

Be okay not knowing everything and seeing that you don’t need to know it all in order to feel safe and secure with life. In fact, the less you know, the more you REALLY know. This time wants you listening to your body and doing new things that pave the way for better results. To be a better person, you got to do better things with what before you didn’t handle so gracefully. Face this today and do and speak in ways that show you have healed from lower vibrating ways of being that you have seen before in your past. It’s time to start over -- and your steps today create how the world will next treat you and invite you into something with more support. DO and you will see. Don’t wait for things to first BE when truly the gateway into the new just needs to see YOU doing FIRST how you wish the world would treat you. Don’t go backwards – leap into this new view.

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