Oh hello NEW MOON!! We love when you go new in Gemini as the final piece of what the next 6 months will be for us. This moon sums up the last Solar and Lunar Eclipses that we just moved through. And this one is PURE MAGIC! It is when we are going to be able to notice shifts in our mind where we aren’t so pessimistic about what we think can’t be done. Where we would get stuck in finding ways for things to NOT work out, we now will put our attention on doing everything we can to see for something arriving to keep us safe.

This is also when many of you are making a drastic move that deals with you believing in yourself and wanting to share something that is a natural gift that can be what supports you. FROM cleaning up our mental spaces and not being such a gossip talker or negative seer of things, some sort of new self-love will be rising where you DO then naturally come up with solutions or want to spend your time being more creative.

This is when we realize how toxic it is TO HOLD in your vibration when your thoughts always want to look for the dirt. What you say and do and think is what manifests for you, so the dirt you pick out in others is the dirt that will be picked out about you. TODAY is when you really are to wake up feeling different in not wanting to see others struggle or to wish that people who hurt you would feel pain. This is to bring an epic shift of consciousness where we finally wake up to how evil we are – and how we don’t want to give in to those sides and to allow ourselves to think it is okay. Just because drugs feel good to take, doesn’t mean we should take them. Just because it feels good to sit with others and talk hurtful about someone who is not there, doesn’t mean we should do it.

It’s time to bring a new perspective and fresh day to how we put our energy out there. Expect to really grasp this concept right now and to notice that you already are making the shift where you seek out ways to empower others and to be considerate of what got them into whatever shape. We are because we have seen – we do because others did before us. So, we have to value ourselves more, which helps us value others and be what gives them the chance to change and to show themselves in a better light.

People are changing now, and they are going to want to live again and do what before seemed impossible. You are going to be an inspiration, so be clear that you want others to be able to go where you wish to go. Don’t think of scarcity and there not being enough to go around. Spread the love, the hope, and the vision that we ALL are here to take a leap of faith and to get there through the vibes of our mind. Do whatever you can to go in this other direction where you seek for understanding and assert your higher ways for all to see. It’s time to share that you have changed and to give others permission to do the same. Be the butterfly and see the beauty in those who need YOU to be what inspires them to a new view. When you wake up, you will be contagious. When enough of you start spreading the new vibes, others will wake and see that hating on people and things is planting seeds of toxicity that will NOT feel great to have to eat. Be in control – be with a hopeful mind.

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