MAY 24 | Tuesday

This is a big warning day that serves a great purpose but that will move you into so many different spaces, with so many diverse ways of feeling about things.

Expect someone to come and challenge you where they have a lot going on with their emotional state. Just be aware that you are in the patterns of your past or with something you have seen that you allowed to play out but that now is needing you to remove yourself or change plans so that YOUR SPACE be valued.

This is when we are to see the ocean wave coming to shore and we are to take steps backwards so that we don’t end up getting wet. And -- all the movement comes from you initiating change and not allowing what was coming for you to be what penetrates you. This day just wants you doing for you and not abiding or taking it all on because others expect it of you.

This is like yesterday but most likely the contact will take place with someone you know. Yesterday was about the global pain of the world and how it hurts you now to see so many in pain. With that energy we just need to do one little act that goes against what we are seeing. We need to smile with care in our eyes, give what we can, do what will make an impact and not take it all on as if we are here to fix everything.

TODAY is about something 1 on 1 that can deflate you if you allow flood waters to overtake you. The test just wants you choosing for a better outcome where you have compassion for what another is going through, but where you still lovingly remove yourself, IF NEED BE, so as to make the space for your ideas for the day to be the priority. Don’t give yourself away because another runs in with overpowering waves. You get to choose today.

NOW. Do be aware that many of you also are in this healing space where you are seeing things from your past or with your mother and how it has influenced you to give your feelings away and to be controlled by things trying to get you to forget your truth. We all have ways we have hid our feelings on things or tried to stay non-emotional in processing the pain of what keeps us from speaking clearly and doing what we feel is best for our journey. We often go silent and become these other people because we learned it to BE this other way.

At this time, the old feels palpable in that it doesn’t resonate OR it squeezes us in ways we now can’t tolerate. The feelings are guiding you and they want you to stand up for you! When you remember that your system is wired to guide your life, you won’t so easily fall in line with others who just want you to be good and not ruffle their feathers! It’s time to start a new flow where you allow yourself to be the leader and to get good at saying NO. Choose for you and the best will follow. Today wants you NOT taking on all the drama.


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