MAY 21 | Saturday

This day is very divided, and it depends on the progress of the last two days. So. MANY of you are feeling very mental and upset about what you are seeing that is going to impact your path moving forward. You may be waking up to the hard truths that now have you feeling regret over what you thought was a good idea in your past. There is a lot of trial and error in what we see that now is falling short of our expectations.

People will really be in their head and not present to what is happening around them. You may have to keep speaking up and pulling them to your attention in order to keep them with you. If you are in this mental space, you may feel like a magnet is keeping you trying to see for a solution or to make sense to what has happened. People are REALLY going to be tying themselves up in knots and many of you can feel downright miserable today. If you are here, accept that your mind is not the authority on things and there still is the need for the dust to settle and show you the best way to now move forward. Try to look with wonder and excitement about what will fall into place, instead of trying to force things through examination of what has happened in your past. Surrender and be excited for the mystery that wants to reveal! Don’t beat things into place or force old pieces to be what you think will next be.

Many of you are also FINALLY landing into a solution that helps you let go of how you mentally judged something in your past so that you can fly free into a new level where opportunities or synchronicity will start providing. Things are coming out of the blue when you least expect an answer, and it is to connect confusing aspects that now will make total sense.

This is why many of you will look like you are walking on air as you now see THERE IS A WAY. This surprise landing is to empower you into seeing that a big picture is playing out and you are NEVER going to know the next steps until you actually start walking. We can’t see miles into our future, and we only understand what breaks us down AFTER we rise again. Doors that closed were supposed to – and doors that were open, even if they broke you, were supposed to break you into new form. Nothing is a mistake EVEN IF what you chose for seems to take you way off path from where you wanted to be.

Many of you are about to get hit with lightning that makes it ALL clear that where you were held back is where you needed to do something better and to wait for other pieces to come together. Do what you can to be open in your mind and expecting an upgrade that helps bring you to a new level of clarity. Just wait for the magic and don’t get hung up on what did not go your way. Your ideas on the way may not be the best way -- and this OTHER WAY may be what gets you developing quickly into an authority. Trust how the Great Mystery wants to position you. There are reasons for why you are here – and nothing is actually to ruin you.


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