MAY 1 | Sunday

Oh moon! Let’s go over the month report and see what the flavor of May is going to bring us! First off, we had a Solar Eclipse yesterday and that will rule the next 3 days of energy. So, the themes are around, WHAT IS ROTTEN that needs you facing this in order to stop saying yes to what is keeping you away from your truth.

Expect to see people really making huge changes at this time that deal with moving towards what is natural and organic about life, and away from things that force us to have to fight for them or to stay in scarcity in trying to maintain them. We are going to see that our feelings are guiding the way, EVEN THOUGH it may be into a cave where we first have to heal an imbalance before we move into our next way of manifesting life. We must pass the tests in order to rise into these higher states – and the ways we are tested deals with how we have not valued ourselves and have put others first as being the boss of our lives and what we must follow.

This month we put our foot down and go stubborn in regard to certain ways that life is leaving us feeling cold and without a place that helps us KNOW that we are important. We are going to be thinking about ways to simplify and scale down so that we feel more value from life, and this time is when we really start to figure out a new plan that needs us believing we CAN have something better from letting go of what kept us in the hustle or the chasing of ideas that now DOES NOT feel authentic and okay with our hearts.

We all will leave fixed areas of living that ultimately were built on fears and conditioning thinking this other thing was the way to go. This month we awaken to a truth that is guiding us down a simplified path that feels like it will fill our soul in ways that NOW we know we need. Again, like with last month, we are seeing things that now cannot be unseen. When we get to the other side, we will gain a better way of understanding how we weren’t really seeing the truth and instead were in denial or not wanting to face that we WILL have to make changes that pull us out of our comfort zone in order to do what our bodies now are telling us we NEED to go for.

This month is also an 11 month and that means MAGIC IS HERE. You will be sensing more and feeling like those who have crossed over are able to be around you and bring signs that you need to face. This new path of ours requires that we shut out the fears that others planted in us and start new crops where we follow the signs and listen closely to what things are trying to tell us. But this also says that the mystery of life is speaking clearly at this time in order for us to come out of the shadows and expect more from our limited time on Earth. When you value yourself, the ground will lift to shift you into a new space where others TOO will bring you synchronicity and alignments that show that your life path IS changing for the better.

We manifest from a power growing within us this month -- and the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde say that the secret to the change deals with ways you haven’t been seeing yourself with enough worth in valuing the authority you ARE here to bring. We plant our crops and grow our dreams, so don’t chase what is fast -- and DO move into slow living that wants to guide you in better ways. What falls apart in a mainstream way is to open your heart to a whole other world that WILL support you. Allow the density to fall away and light to be what guides you. It’s time to execute a new plan that inspires you and gets you in love with the patient exploration of your creative gifts and working in harmony with the cosmic and organic influences. May is your NEW DAY. Go get what you have been waiting for.

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