MARCH 9 | Wednesday

Okay then! Here comes a huge wave of light that is to hit us all and get our systems seeking for a solution and something that is beyond what we have seen before. It means our minds are starting to change as we are seeing that we have to give to get, and we have to BE the compassion OF where we were left neglected and empty.

You are going to be running into people and will notice a lot going on around you. For sure, today you are manifesting mirror situations that are vibing to what you got going on inside. This means many of you will see people talking and sharing and showing that they are intune to community. And many of you also will see fighting and will see angry faces and will see people doing unconscious things.

What you see is what you need to learn from, but it also deals with what really is going on inside of you in how you see the potential for where you want to grow into. If you see the kindness in others today, you are also saying that inside you DO believe in your dreams.  And to see combativeness means you aren’t in alignment with truly BELIEVING things can get better. But as the last few days are showing us, LOW is not a negative thing and every single one of you will travel that way in order to see what is merely intellectualized and what is actualized in your body. 

If you really believe you can come out of the shadows and show yourself in a better way where you manifest what feels like a dream, then you will have a really good day today and will feel more hope in humanity. We are creating a bigger wave from the confirmation we are receiving, and this also means that you need to be hyper aware of the impact you make. Eye contact, smiles, letting people go in front of you, noticing who needs your help, and just really being aware of what is around you is encouraged today.

If you see things low vibe, give them your attention, and see how you can bring more hope from what you are seeing. Use your energy to have compassion for how wounded people are and how they are now fighting with everyone else, but also see that this resonates with something inside of YOU that is still in need of correction. Compassion heals all and when you feel for how wrong others are acting, as in SEEING that they OBVIOUSLY are in pain and come from things that have wounded them, then YOUR vibration will rise, and your own wounds will lessen their aggression. 

This also is a great day to be with your creative work as there is a lot of energy that is giving us inspiration as to new ways of doing our old things. You may be writing up a storm or seeing all these ideas that you hadn’t even thought up before. It can be a really beautiful day for many of you where you feel like you are getting so much done and you won't be doing the usual mental banter where you think you don’t have enough time, or you go to negative thinking because you are not where you want to be. Notice this feeling when you go to bed tonight and say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, as you put yourself to sleep. 

Today is to bring joy to our palette and to a fresh energy coming in that has us feeling bubbly. Enjoy and rise with where the bubbles take you to dream for better things.


9 March 2022 | WEDNESDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter.
1  8  9 | 6 to 17 Gemini


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