MARCH 2 | New Moon in Pisces

O h M O O N! We LOVE when you go new in Pisces and are so close to your original ruling planet of Jupiter and your current ruling planet of Neptune! THIS IS EXCITING!!! Pisces is all about seeing beyond where you are now, and where you have come from, and going even larger with what you hope can one day be. This is going to bring us the energy to finally come out of the shadows and stop following along in the mainstream ways that are all about money and superficial things. 

It's time for us to drop down into a new reality where we chase after soul growth and spirituality, which are the only spaces you find that real joy and passion in life. The ball will be dropping around this day where we really get our money addictions and how promotions and marketing have conned us into thinking we need a whole bunch of things that are a front and not authentic gifts from source or TRULY made with love. We are conned into remaining shallow and denying our feelings as being an indicator of what we should or should not buy into.

Expect to be VERY emotional around this time and to see the injustice or corruption in a similar way to when you move from your hometown to a new city that exposes you to the reality that there is much more going on besides what is in the collective bubble of where you are from. We all change when we move beyond our comfort zone to explore new areas that are unknown. When we travel and see areas unlike our original foundations, they open our eyes and mind to MUCH MORE going on besides what is in the tiny little places we reside. 

This energy is going to expand your vision and get you believing in your feelings that are guiding you to reach for more and to take some leap of faith that most people around you would NEVER even think of taking. Be aware that you most likely will be coming against others who hold fears for what you wish to do, and it will be on you to value yourself so much that you don’t stay in the old world just because it feels familiar. We are to step out on the ledges that we find from following our heart and feelings and we ARE to jump into totally new ideas on how we want to be living our lives. NOW is when it will be important to risk it all instead of staying stuck in fears that WILL become HUGE regrets this year. What you see right now is something important on your healing journey and with where you want to step out of the mold and meander into a path that IS your destiny to follow. But this is ALL HEART and belly feelings driving you to do this new exploration and inquisition into what intuitively is a better path to travel. 

Now, be aware that for many of you, the change can create something that makes you want to NOT go there, and it can bring up scary feelings because you want things to stay the same. Just know, same has GOT TO GO and different is the way to be. You are on track with this energy if you are saying goodbye to an old habit or belief system that now is evolving into something mysterious and VERY fruitful. But the doorway is dark, and you won’t see that this will be the best move for you just yet. 

Something about this energy wants you trusting yourself and the higher power to be controlling a bigger situation that you can't predict. It's about testing you to feel your gut and to believe in better things, but to not actually see them until you start taking a few steps into the dream. The test is, do you trust yourself and value yourself enough to listen to what you feel inside? If you do, YOU WIN. If you don’t, things will stay the same as they have been for this year so far. 

This is your opportunity to shoot for the stars and to start living a fairy tale life that demands you surrender to the Great Mystery and pray and meditate EVERY DAY as you learn to co-create and see for what WILL help you feel like you are blessed and in love with what can potentially be. Enough of spending your life in fear of what comes next. It's time to celebrate the confusion and to align fully to walking life in partnership with the divine. There IS more for you and it's calling to your soul so that you listen and create new goals for new mountain tops rising that tease you into choosing for what feels like it will be AMAZING. You can trust where your eyes fall and the feeling it gives you. And now it's on you to NOT LET GO.


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