Lunar Eclipse READINGS for Each Sign! Sagittarius means time to grow!

The Lunar Eclipse Reading will describe the theme of your next 6 months! The next reading of the Solar Eclipse will be part 2 of that description. These are some of the most important readings of the year in order to understand the themes of each 6 month period.
This energy is screaming that it is time for change that deals with you trusting the process but also knowing that life NEEDS you to open to a leap of faith and to risk it all because your body is telling you that it's time to GO. You are being asked to move from what is comfortable and to not be negative in thinking you have gotten your journey wrong. There is a lot still in confusion and you aren’t seeing that you are where you wanted to be, but then again, this time wants you opening to a view that maybe you are on a path that was created by others. You are going to get an opportunity that asks you to step up in seeing that you DO have a place and that tight corners are there to help you grow stronger. You WILL face things that have many options, but the answer comes when you are opening to a new perspective that looks different than what you have seen before. Something with your perspective, in thinking things had to be a certain way, that possibly deals with childhood programming or messages that you bought into, are going to LIGHTEN and show you that your. ... CONTINUED in the Lunar Eclipse Guide (you just read 1/4 of it)
This is to be a life changer for you where you finally start planting your garden for YOU and not for how others got you to follow along and do what they want you to do. This time is when you awaken to new dreams that connect you to a group or to friends from your past, and this will get you seeing that there ARE things standing in the way and there ARE fears that could be thought up -- but, something about trusting the journey is important where you ARE going into what is a fear, but where you are talking to it differently and where you speak with support in how we really aren’t ever too far gone and all the challenging roller coaster rides ALWAYS come with some higher wisdom that shifts our perspective of things. We love more when we lose the most. You are to see that your past was one thing, but how others see or handle things is not how it necessarily needs to be for you. It is OKAY for you to come out of line and to start following in a way that supports you using your voice in new ways that deal with your creative gifts and that will be something to sustain you ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
Oh love! You have an eclipse in your sign coming up so this means many things are showing up in your life that will be keeping you busy but that also will be helping you discover a new path based on you releasing an old role that others got you buying into. You will be around people who either get you to sink or swim and it will be palpable in how they get you to MOVE. Pay attention to where your thoughts are reaching to far off places that FEEL like they are home or feel like they will be something to ground you. This time WANTS to get you thinking about your role and how you would like to make a difference or share more of what you love to do. You will have ideas off the charts and will be seeing many ways to bring in more income or to support your creative gifts so that you do see there IS another role for you to show up as. There may be a fear around taking a leap of faith or moving and believing that you can be a teacher or guide or someone who opens people’s minds to things. EXPECT to feel a bit uncertain but to still know that this leap of faith is yours to experience. The pressure lets you know it is time for change and then you just need to start telling a different story of how you want others to see ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
Oh love! The first half of the Eclipse will hit you pretty hard! It can leave you feeling really confused and with too many options to choose from. You also will be facing an experience that may be health or pet related where you are going to need to hold this in a higher light and to manifest something that is not yet there. This means you MAY get negative and into the worrying fear of what could go wrong. TRUST THIS PROCESS. You are in something that won't show the light until you walk through and see that all is okay. A fear is up on the wall and it's just testing you to see how much you trust the Great Mystery to do its thing and to hold you in a larger experience that is unfolding. You SHOULD feel like you are looking into the darkness or appraising your last year for how you would like to do it better next time. Again, be aware that you can fall into negativity thinking you are too flawed. This time should feel very emotional and kind of unstable in that hidden feelings are rising. Nothing is out of order with this energy, but it can feel like the twilight zone or a really wild roller coaster ride. Just know that you are going to be stepping into a higher vibration where you ARE going to flow with the fears and debt and uncertainty in a better way. You need to be made seasick in ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
This Eclipse wants you honoring your value and diving FULLY into creative gifts that ARE here to sustain you. There will be the need to take a risk in believing in yourself or putting yourself out there, but the world is ready to show you that you DO have a place. If you are still hiding, then how can we know about you. Something that IS your thing and that is a natural part of you will be getting a new level of attention that gets you showing up in a new role. This time is ultimately putting you in position to see where you are not authentic and are following the path of another or where your programmed mind thinks you need to be. Something is to get you singing and seeing a new perspective on what you can do for the world and how you CAN be supported. You need to tell a new story of what the potential is or to see that there always is a way to bring an upgrade to a situation that feels like it isn’t clear yet. Ultimately this energy wants you dreaming bigger for what is yet to come and to see that you are growing a garden that needs you stepping up and being in the role of walking the journey to raise these dreams. You will grow better from the steps you walk, but you also have to talk nicer about the  ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
This Lunar Eclipse is to start a new cycle in your life where you ARE seeing that you are supported and that there was a corner to get around in your life that DOES change things for the better. Expect more activity where you are spending time talking business or new ways to do things so that you are honored for the gift that you give. You will be thinking of making changes with how others see you – but the changes come from others seeing you in ways where you are coming out of the dark and sharing something more creative or poetic -- and what is your medicine to give. Expect to be seen and to discover that you DO have a place here. Things are moving in a totally different vibration and now there is a new energy to support and hold you so that you can think more in ways that expand and bring you the feelings of excitement with life. Expect to uproot something that you thought would be staying around – and to see that you were just following an old path that you thought you HAD to take. But something has shown up out of the blue and THIS IS your ticket to something better. Be diligent with doing your craft in the best of ways. Don’t compromise in thinking you have to do anything the ways the masses are. You ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
This time is to be when you start to take leaps of faith that show you how you ARE coming together with a life that aligns you to your souls purpose work. This is to be a time when things are coming in that support you talking in better ways about your future. Things connect and people arrive with messages that pull you around the corner where you see another perspective of things. You may be moving or thinking of moving and you will see that something about the way you talk about life, or something that deals with a creative idea, is shifting from a stance that you thought you should believe in. You had a plan going and now the Universe is going to show you that another path is even better. EXPECT CHANGE and to know that ultimately you are learning to go with the flow and to not be so negative when in spaces of wondering what some mystery means. You instead are to shift into excitement at being discriminating and fully surrendering until you land into your next piece. This is when you ARE to learn to float and to be with the wind that gets you to new places – but to trust that you are rewiring something about you that keeps you anchored into your past and into thinking you are getting ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
This Eclipse is to show you how magical your life can be IF you value your gifts and bring voice to something that is a part of your depth and that helps you to feel important. You are going to change a pattern where you were following another who got you into believing in money fears or mental spaces where you focused on the unknown as a negative thing. This time is to change how you vibe in the world from getting you to face things that DON’T value you and that no longer need to be a pattern of yours. Something with scarcity is ready to be faced and released through you giving voice to a creative gift or ideas that deal with you sharing yourself as an authority out in the world. Watch for synchronicity and signs that are getting you to see WHERE you have apprenticed ENOUGH and now can bring a more solid presence for the world at large. BE POSITIVE about knowing change is coming that will get you seeing that you do have a place. It is going through the work of your patterns and how you compete or do something to turn this into ego and you thinking you need a certain kind of ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
Oh love! This Eclipse is in your sign and it's pretty intense!! EXPECT that others are showing you that it is time for change and your role for the world needs to step higher. Something with your creative gifts or your words or ideas are ready to be what you share with the world. Don’t worry or get negative in thinking you aren’t ready or you aren’t up the mountain far enough. Where you have fully apprenticed and ARE ready, the gates will open. Others are the catalyst, but you are the one who is to assert your way across this bridge of change. VALUE that it's time for you to show another side and to express something that IS a part of your roots and ultimately what will ground you. Expect that you are feeling driven to show yourself different and to not do it how you have done it in your past. You may even be facing how your foundation got you confused and not really coming through in full strength. You will be facing something with your mother or with things that support you, and if there is a lack, this will be when you start to feel more inspired to live your truth and to be there for others in a new way – in a TRUE YOU way . ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
This Lunar Eclipse will bring a crucial sort of change in your life, like with an allergy releasing and some old script where you HAVE been shooting into glass half empty in thinking you can't really trust yourself or trust the secret ideas you have about who you are for the world. Some little thing that has been throwing your system out of balance is going to be discovered. This may have to do with self-love and how you have been sabotaging yourself or hiding behind an ideology of another that put you on their path, which is what created the allergy and something with your mind trying to seek out ways to see that you are flawed and will HAVE to suffer because of your past and the decisions you made. This energy wants you seeing that even your tangles have a purpose in getting you into stronger form. All the pitfalls and dead ends, when you really thought you were onto something, were to groom you to find a new tune in what really works in the new energies. You are to DRAMATICALLY write a new story about your soul’s purpose and how you ARE putting things into order so that your life doesn’t feel so backed up. You will be facing things ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
This Lunar Eclipse is your own personal great awakening. 100% of you will be changed in some thought aspect where you ARENT seeing that you have a place and where you focused on how the old ways projected a story for everyone to buy into. You didn’t fit in this old story – but you gave it your all. You tried and have crushed your own beautiful spirit BECAUSE the imprinting goes against who you really are. This time wakes you up to your own creativity and the ways you are that get others to take notice. You are to come through CLEARLY and expect that the world will hold you and support whatever comes from you TRUE. Your mind will start to lighten up at this time as you will be rebooting into a more supportive view of who you are and the path that was forced upon you. You are to ONLY use words that speak of your own personal rebuild and how you WILL be supported for what is a creative and natural gift. What you were given, you now are to shine brightly for the world to see. You just need to keep it real and be clear in expressing or sharing what TRULY is your thing. The Universe is going to bring synchronicity to help you compare and see ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!
This Lunar Eclipse is going to open you and welcome in a new path that brings excitement around feeling like you are finally home or are understanding your needs so that you CAN welcome in a new home. This Eclipse Season is to get you starting over again with things that support you and help you to go far and wide with your career dreams. You have hidden behind a better path because you followed when you should have been listening to your body signs that HAVE been warning you about certain people or patterns where you fall into a role that is not true to you. You are to never hide again or to keep your feelings hidden. A whole other space has just expanded for you to expand yourself true and educate or share what you know that deals with bringing understanding and where you show yourself as a healer or coach or one that helps others have discipline to grow into better lives. You are going to change and narrow down where you really thrive. This means a new path will open and you will see that you LOVE this new thing. For many, this starts an apprenticeship space. So be patient as you ... CONTD in Lunar Eclipse Guide. You just read 1/4 of the reading!

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