JUNE 9 | Thursday

This day is going to be brutal for many of you so be aware! Something is culminating from the tests of June that are asking you to be the person you want others to be. It's asking you to stop wanting THEM to change, when you still have the triggers in your own system that are showing that you are still in pain and in healing and wanting this to be made right. We get mad when we have been wounded and when we wake up to home much it crippled our potential and has had us having to work all that much harder to get to where we see others effortlessly going. A big part of the healing journey comes from acceptance that then motivates us to wanting to kick ass at getting to where we DESERVE to be. This energy MAY throw you into a pile of tears about how wrong things are, but then it is asking you to get up and do more than you have done before. It's about finally seeing to the other side and not allowing one side to be what anchors you into feeling so out of balance with your place in the world. Don’t accept defeat. Get back up and try again. The test wants you planting new seeds that are inspired from what is no longer working.


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