JUNE 5 | Sunday

Things can feel like they are coming up against you and things are not going as you planned. Be aware that you are seeing something that needs you standing up and asserting how you want things to be. If something blocks you, use the energy to grow stronger and be more determined. If something empties, this is when you are to see that it will be filled up in a better way soon. You are walking up the mountain and things are testing you to see if you fall backwards and give up, OR, if you KNOW you are special and essential, so you just work harder at doing what you want to do. This is a great day to really focus on what you want to see arrive that will upgrade your situation and bring more light to your life. Something with your heart speaking may upset others but you are allowed to have feelings. Keep it real. You also may receive a reward at this time that comes from efforts in your past or with work you have already done. This will be confirmation that you are on the best path and that new things are coming together SOON. Keep growing and keep showing that you have something the world needs.


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