JUNE 28 | Tuesday | New Moon in Cancer

Oh hello MOON! We love when you go new in Cancer and get us feeling like a new day is here IF we choose to start over and believe that things can get better. We also have Neptune going retrograde AND it's a 22 day. This energy is saying that we CLEARLY know that things need to change and that we need to move into a new crop of land that will support us, but we are NOT going to know which way to go or how to accomplish what we seek.

BE OKAY in this space of much mystery but STILL KNOW that it is time to go and that what leaves you feeling out in the cold is something that needs YOU seeing that YOU DESERVE to be held and nurtured in a new way. And this new way is something that your soul now reaches for that before didn’t have the words or feelings to think you deserved to have your needs met.

For this reason, many of you will rise again at this time in growing something new that feels like it matters and will help you feel grounded in your future. We are working for new plans but ones that are inspired from our body that is stuck when things are no longer where we need to be going. Sometimes the car breaks down to warn you. Sometimes the support ends because a new cycle begins, and it needs you loving yourself enough to see that you DO deserve better. We are growing new lives from what is deep inside of us that now roars at the injustice and all that goes against what works to bring life to things. The old world wants to control you and your body and keep you feeling too weak to have enough influence to truly bring change. But the truth is, the old paradigm only exists if you vote for it to be the reality. We can hate on things because they are wrong, or we can come together and band as one showing another perspective that reveals there is not only one side to any story.

What the media and people in power know is that they can take an object that has a front and back and only show you the back and tell you that it has it's back to you. They can make you focus on one small area and fuel you to be full of rage about this particular piece. But in reality, the object has a front side -- and it reveals this side to all that are looking. If you are frustrated by someone that you feel isn’t doing enough, yet you only check in on them at 2 am and 4 am, you can clearly say that they ARE NOT doing anything. You will have a valid point that when you look in on them, they are just laying there doing nothing.

We are waking up at this time to seeing that there is more for us to grow and evolve into. The old world squeezes the life out of things, and we are to now recognize what is actually FOR the people and what is for the control and manipulation of people. What is for supporting you to expand into your truth -- or for controlling you and keeping you in line. A new path forms and it IS time to move into what you hope will grow you a new scene in life. Your body is to lead the way and the existential feelings are to be what guides you. Go for what feels lush and let go of chasing what sucks you dry. Some things give and some things take. You DO deserve to have things given to you. So listen to your body and go to where you feel something WILL provide – even if you can’t see the direction just yet. This movement needs to be based on feelings and ideas around utopias up the way. See for something great and it will be your reality. STOP SEEING for the nightmares or for how hard things are going to be. Grow a new way and see how amazing it is going to be.


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