JUNE 23 | Thursday

There are some waves to this day that need you moving through what feels like it makes you mad that this is here. There is a lot of frustration that is culminating from what this pandemic has brought to our lives. Expect to be furious that your old world is gone and this new one is not what you asked for. You may feel like a caged animal and will want to get free from what feels like it is controlling you and keeping you from what you dream. Be patient in this energy and try to just observe what it is making you feel. We are moving mountains around this day FROM what pisses us off and gets up erupting with the need for change. So know that you will need to blow off some steam and it WILL be what gets you drawing out new plans for something that will sustain and support you in the future. We now are thinking of downscaling and simplifying our lives so that we don’t have as many needs and aren’t filling our spaces with what doesn’t really value us.  Whatever gets you boiling with how out of order it is, see for some new crop that could grow BECAUSE of what needs to be set straight. Don’t focus too much into what is wrong to the point it is all you see. Face the disarray and get to work planting new seeds for how better it could be.

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