JUNE 20 | Monday

Do know that you should feel a bit tired around today and really wanting to escape and be in your own mind to process things. It is OKAY to pull back and get all the self care you need. It's a great day to not have to be there for others too much because there is processing at work and wellsprings are to rise from things that first come from the still lake. Something about you making space to do nothing and allow surrender to be your way, is what will then bring you what will have you feeling super charged in a day or two. Be aware that many others are feeling really emotional over what is occurring in their life, and some may want to reach out to collaborate in getting through this. Just value what your body says and don’t open your doors just because others are banging on them. You may have to choose for you or to cancel expected positions. You have permission to say no and to make your feelings a priority. Choosing for you is important right now and it sets the stage for some upswing that needs you making space for how BIG it is going to be. Carve out time to see for the dream of how excellent some idea or project or new vision is going to be. Feel your way to liberty.

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