JUNE 19 | Sunday

This energy is saying that we have to learn to love in new ways where we have more compassion and a desire to be what helps others grow into their dreams. We can stunt people by what we say. We can judge them to pieces and see them as less than. But we also can say kind things and show that we see the true essence in others. We can rise above our own wounds that ULTIMATELY see in others what we reject in ourselves. We can rise above and see that we all are wounded and are repeating the painful things that were done upon us. Our pain is what we want people to feel. If we get rejected, most likely, until you are healed, you will wish the other to know failure, disease, loss and no love in their future. When we get touched into thinking we are victims, we want to lash and destroy what put us in that position. But when we see with compassion, we see the infliction for what it is. We look deeper into wanting to trust the big picture in life and to know that answers come and solutions rise when we keep pressed to the good energies we emit. To judge another is to hold the energy of judgement within our own vessel. To love another, or to at least not hold hatred, is to also hold that within our own vessel. What we feel, we hold and possess. So see with the eyes of deep trust that knows you can recover and go a better way even if things feel way too far gone. Express with the energy that you wish others would give to thee.

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